Bernie Bros

By: Jason Sendek and Trevor Lazarus

The Brooklyn born, notorious Bernie Sanders has made shockwaves throughout the country once again. The 2021 Presidential Inauguration was highly anticipated by many, but we can all agree that Bernie officially stole the show. Both celebrities and politicians dressed for the occasion, but Senator Sanders’s look has become an internet sensation in the weeks following the event. Disregarding the fresh cut and perfectly tailored winter jacket, the choice of mittens is impeccable. Crossed hands, crossed legs: a power statement only a small percentage of people can pull off. There has also been a lot of positive feedback from the members on the highly esteemed platform known as Reddit. “COVID-19 has been tough on the meme community, but this image has definitely helped to light a spark that could hopefully lead us into a brighter future.” The image has led Bernie to be situated in places many people would have never thought of. Bernie has been placed in Where’s Waldo books, Bob Ross paintings, and even next to Forrest Gump. It turns out that the mittens were knitted by  schoolteacher Jen Ellis, from Vermont. After this image went viral, many people have felt inclined to give back to the community, and according to Ellis “the mitten frenzy has already raised an enormous amount of money for Vermont charities.” While the official amount has not been disclosed, it is exciting to see how such a small act can have such a positive impact on society.


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