The Mandalorian

By: Giovanni Culotta

Quarantine has given all of us new free time to watch new TV shows and movies, many of which have been released during the pandemic. One of the most talked-about shows prior to the pandemic was the Mandalorian, a Star-Wars themed show directed by the great Jon Favreau. Released in November of 2019, the Mandalorian follows the life of a bounty hunter (played by Pedro Pascal) as he fights evil while simultaneously caring for the cutest being in the galaxy: Baby Yoda. The 8-episode inaugural season of the show received a 97% approval rating on rotten tomatoes and left everybody anticipating the continuation of the story in the next season.  In October of 2020, Disney released 8 more episodes that follows the journey of everyone’s favorite duo. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much of the show when my mom told me we would be watching it as a family: but I can confidently say now that I was blown away by the season finale. The second season reinforces a major trend of the first season, which is that the Mandalorian always finds himself in some sort of trouble at the start of the episode and spends the remainder of the time miraculously getting out of it. This makes for a nail-biting, on-the-edge-of-your-seat 45 minutes. Each predicament he finds himself in is almost certain to leave you thinking: “how did he do that?!” Favreau also intertwines elements of the old Star Wars trilogy into the series, which allows fans to easily connect the dots. When I had finished the Mandalorian I had concluded that it would easily be my first choice if you have run out of shows to watch this quarantine and is also perfect for the entire family to  enjoy.


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