Winter Break Activities

By: Diana Jones and Sabrina Venezia

The holiday season has always been a time for families to come together and find joy amongst the dismal winter months. This season, with Covid-19 cases dramatically rising each day, has not been the safest year for extended families and friends to interact. The question arises: How can people really socialize if they cannot even be within 6 feet of each other?

Throughout the nation, families and friends have been coming up with creative ways to be together without actually “being together.” Whether gathering virtually through Zoom or a socially distanced walk while wearing masks, small groups have been trying out these new ways to maintain connection with one another, despite the frigid temperatures.

Covid-19 has majorly impacted other popular winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Putnam County’s local mountain, Thunder Ridge, has taken precautions to ensure safety on the slopes by selling a limited number of passes and enforcing mandatory mask guidelines. Those who usually travel to Vermont and Massachusetts for some powder now have to get tested for Covid-19 within a week of their out of state arrival, along with another test when they re-enter New York state. Much like Thunder Ridge, larger mountains like Stowe are also selling a limited number of passes. 

Although the reality of the pandemic has penetrated the ability to uphold most winter activities, with the use of technology and meeting safety standards, many people across the country have found novel ways to connect with one another and surround themselves with who or what they love.


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