Inauguration Fashion Show

By: Natalie Conte

On January 20, the country welcomed its new administration into office during Joe Biden’s Inaugural Address Ceremony. Focus was expected to be set on the fresh faces and policies entering office, but much of the public couldn’t help but notice the style on display. The media reported loads of positive feedback on attendees’ outfits of choice, comparing the Inauguration to a fashion show.

  Aside from her brilliant poetry and moving performance, Amanda Gorman brought a sense of hope before the crowd with a cheerful yellow jacket and red accents. Many noticed Vice President Kamala Harris’s decision to wear a monochromatic outfit to the event. Some can speculate that the color purple was worn to symbolize unification of Democrats and Republicans, as the Democratic Party is often represented by blue, and the Republican Party is represented by red. After recent partisan divides in the country, it can be speculated that Harris’s outfit was chosen to signify a promise of improvement as a new VP enters office. Harris’s stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff, gained rightful attention for the impressive jacket she wore. Her perfectly planned outfit showcased her background in modeling and fashion design. Another favored style choice of the day included a strikingly impressive pair of sneakers. The Air Jordan Dior 1s, produced by Nike, were spotted in the crowd during the event. These expensive shoes were worn by the husband of Meena Harris, Kamala Harris’s niece. Unfortunately, these impressive shoes are not easy to get for most, marketing at an extremely high price. Prices for the shoe fluctuate often, ranging between 8 and 25 thousand dollars, depending on size, availability or seller. It’s also up for debate on whether or not Bernie Sanders overshadowed the rest, wearing his signature warm jacket and a pair of mittens made of recycled materials. Former First Lady Michelle Obama did not disappoint, wearing a stunning burgundy color, styled similarly to Harris. In terms of fashion choice, the new administration seemed to start their term off on the right foot – Jordans and all.


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