Let’s TACObout It

By: Trevor Lazarus and Jason Sendek

Many local restaurants have suffered through the pandemic forcing numerous establishments to close down. On the bright side, a new Taco Project recently opened right in the heart of Pleasantville at 465 Bedford Road. While before one would have to take the trip all the way to Tarrytown to visit the restaurant, the new location is situated right next to free parking and the Pleasantville train station. The menu offers a multitude of different tacos, burritos, burrito bowls, and quesadillas. While the venue is small, it still has tables for seating. The food is relatively inexpensive considering its high quality. This restaurant is perfect for dinner with friends or family. While it can get a little noisy because of the small seating area, the atmosphere of the restaurant makes it all worth it, with its funky and bright south-of-the-border style decor.

The service is excellent, and the wait time between ordering and eating is minimal. Trevor ordered steak tacos, one of his favorite meals, and found that Taco Project’s were delicious. The yellow corn taco shells are made on site, and they are truly tasty. He has been there numerous times since the opening and would highly recommend it to a friend. Following Trevor’s suggestion, Jason also ordered the steak tacos, and they were incredible. It came with three tacos, and he enjoyed every bite. Hopefully all of you plan a trip to the newest Taco Project in the near future.


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