Spring Musical Update

By: Alisha Lai

The production of the spring musical is in full swing! To find out more about the upcoming musical, I conducted an email interview with the director, Mr. Kite.

Interviewer: Have there been any in person rehearsals? If not, are there any planned for the near future?

​Mr. Kite: Students organized and wrote a letter asking to spend more time in person. Which is great. Theater is more than just creating a show. It’s being in a room together and collaborating. It’s a community. So, there will be some in person rehearsals (for those who would like to attend) this year, though we haven’t had any yet. Part of the show will be filmed virtually. Other moments will be filmed in person. So, it’s an exciting hybrid that we are doing.

Interviewer: Have you decided on the pieces of theater that will be in the show? If so, could you share a few?

Mr. Kite: We are still finalizing all the selections right now so nothing to report there. We are doing a musical revue using songs from Broadway and writing (as a group) the pieces of text and acting moments that are required.

Interviewer: Since the show has multiple pieces of theater, how did auditions work?

Mr. Kite: Since we didn’t have specific roles to cast, we were casting the actors based on range, character, ability, and work ethic. For the singing portion, we asked that the students prepare a song of their choice no more than two minutes, which we watched over WebEx. For the acting portion, students were given four 2-person scenes to choose from. They then prepared one of the scenes with a partner and performed them virtually over WebEx.

Interviewer: Anything else people should know?

Mr. Kite: We’re creating a truly unique experience this year. Since we get to create the show ourselves, we are building a show that fits perfectly for our cast. And since we are writing large parts of it, we get the opportunity to tell the stories that interest us. It’s going to be very exciting.

Thank you so much Mr. Kite for your time! For the rest of you, keep your eyes peeled for tickets going on sale in late March early April!


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