The End to the Romantic Trilogy

By: Lauren Jacoby and Talia London

To know the plot line of the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before movies, one must simply have watched a classic romantic comedy. Lara Jean: the shy main character, Peter Kavinsky: the outgoing, popular jock, Lara Jean’s boyfriend. Before starting this movie, my expectations were not particularly high. The first movie was endearing enough, albeit slightly cringe inducing, but the second lowered all of my hopes for the third in the trilogy. I don’t think this movie was as poor as the sequel, but it definitely did not exceed the reactions from the original film.  Looking back at the sequel, I remember a forced love triangle, and Lara Jean’s decision being the ‘wrong’ one in the eyes of many viewers. So, premiering Valentine’s Day weekend, the third movie was not something I expected to be amazing. And it wasn’t. Across the board, it was a very average movie, improving from the second tenfold but worse than the first.The whole movie was based around what would happen with their relationship after high school, which is a very common issue that all high-school couples have to go through as senior year comes to a close. However, this narrative, quite similar to the second kissing booth movie is all too played, and then staying together at the end was the icing on the cake of this average movie. The only redeeming factors in my mind would be Lara Jean’s older sister often giving her a reality check, Lara Jean sort of standing up for herself to Peter after prom, and of course, the classic New York tourist montage. It’s all too perfect. Though this movie wasn’t horrible, and I suppose was intended to be (and sort of successfully was) a light watch, it isn’t for the realists, or film critics out there, and would not come to mind on a list of my movies to watch when recommending a film to a friend.


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