The Schedule for Seniors

By: Annie Dineen

The Coronavirus has affected students of all ages, between hybrid learning schedules, shortened sports seasons and too many cancelled events to count. However, the class of 2021 has definitely been hit the hardest. Many felt for last year’s seniors; they left the building one random Friday in March 2020 and never returned to school. But while the class of 2020 had seven months of normalcy, the class of 2021 has been deprived in every sense of the word. No one was rocking blue and orange in the stands of the Mt. Pleasant cup soccer games. No one was cheering loud for their classmates during the pep rally speedball game. No one was a senior mentor showing the incoming freshmen the layout of the school. But it wasn’t just the big events being cancelled that bummed out our seniors, it is more of the little moments. No one is running out to the deli to grab a sandwich during 5a lunch. No one is decorating her car with blue and orange paint. No one is sitting at a table in the Maresca and laughing with friends.

And while temperature checks, wiping down desks, and only seeing the upper half of your teachers’ faces isn’t ideal, at least we’re in school. For seniors, the best advice right now is to look on the bright side. Parents, teachers and the administration have been hard at work trying to bring back some of our traditions in safe ways.

There will be a prom. Sure, we’re going to have to wear a mask and maybe we can’t bring friends from different schools, but it’s better than nothing. As of right now, prom will be a Briarcliff senior only event, which may be subject to change in the coming months. Everything depends on the changing of Covid restrictions set by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Seniors will be outside at Sleepy Hollow Country Club on Wednesday June 9.

Options for graduation are being thoroughly discussed. Ideally, Briarcliff would be able to hold the ceremony on the Briarcliff athletic field with two guests allowed per graduate on June 16. Another option would be mimicking the layout of last year’s graduation by filming the ceremony in pieces on June 2 and 3 and having a socially distant viewing party on June 16.

The entire staff of Briarcliff knows that only being able to see half of your classmates at a time is upsetting. There is talk of bringing all of the seniors back in-person full time for the last three weeks of classes.

I can speak personally and say this isn’t the senior year I wanted. But, this is the senior year I was given, so I am going to take that and make the most of it. I hope my fellow seniors will join me as we celebrate these last few months together.


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