Mr. Diamente Retirement Tribute

By: Natalie Conte

Briarcliff will be saying difficult goodbyes to a number of retiring teachers at the conclusion of this school year. Technology teacher Michael Diamente will be among those leaving the district and looking toward a new chapter of retirement. Mr. Diamente has spent 26 years at Briarcliff, starting in the fall of 1995 after teaching in NYC for nine years prior. By meeting hundreds of students throughout the 35 years, he says a whole book could be written to describe just some of the interesting accounts he’s had. Many students will remember the exciting projects done in Diamante’s technology class. Protecting raw eggs from a high drop, experimenting with the 3D printer, and building popsicle stick bridges, just to name a few. A memory that sticks out for him involves an electric car built by students years ago. Mr. Diamente invited a Briarcliff police officer to record the car’s speed as it raced around the high school track. The car had a top speed of 34 mph, impressive enough to make it to the Lime Rock racetrack in Connecticut for competition. Mr. Diamente leaves Briarcliff with a lasting impact on both the students he’s taught, and the district itself. He looks forward to a flexible schedule which he’ll be happy to fill with travel, friends, and woodworking – of course! As for the students at Briarcliff, Mr. Diamente leaves us with this advice: “Keep challenging yourselves to be the best version of yourself. Ask questions and take advantage of the knowledge your teachers and coaches have to offer.” On behalf of Mr. Diamente’s former students, we thank him for all he has done and wish him an amazing retirement.


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