Mrs. Romano Retirement Tribute

By: Erin Shine and Jolie Wasserman

After 18 years of devotion to the Briarcliff Manor School District, Mrs. Lori Romano has decided to retire. Many of us have a new perspective after one year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mrs. Romano’s takeaway was the importance of spending time with her family and friends. After this school year ends, Mrs. Romano has quite a full itinerary; home projects, traveling, and volunteer work are all on her post-retirement plan.

Mrs. Romano didn’t spend her whole career just at the high school level. She spent time at Todd Elementary and the middle school as well. Mrs. Romano cherishes “helping students with their Flat Stanley projects while substitute teaching at Todd.” She also loves “creating and organizing the Faculty/Staff Basketball Game while working as the 7th grade Team aide.” By working at all three levels of the school district, Mrs. Romano got to see students grow and mature until they were ready to leave Briarcliff. 

Mrs. Romano has “thoroughly enjoyed working with all [her] colleagues and wish[es] them much love and happiness always.” It is not often that someone is lucky enough to work along such supportive co-workers. Mrs. Romano feels that she won the lottery with her colleagues, and she’ll miss them dearly.


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