Editor in Chief Sign Off: Aiden

By: Aiden Rutman

I won’t lie, I’m not exactly sure what to write. I can say that as an aspiring journalist, I’ve always loved writing, especially when it comes to sports. I joined the newspaper in the middle of ninth grade, aiming to really only write about sports. It wasn’t until I was selected to be the Arts and Entertainment editor in 11th grade that I truly branched out. It was at that point that my hobby for writing really developed into a passion. Understand, of course, that by writing, I mean writing articles, not essays. Those were more of an obligation than a passion. If I had to pick a favorite memory from my time with The Bulletin, it would definitely be that infamous “Phat Root” incident and the jokes that ensued. The transition to online meetings this year was no joke, but with Ms. Fishman, Giovannie, Rosie, Annie and Jolie, as well as the (mostly) reliable Bulletin staff, was there ever really any doubt? Thank you to everyone who made this year possible, and a special thank you to my fellow editors for continuing to support and push me through my undying case of senioritis. It has been a true pleasure.


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