Editor in Chief Sign Off: Annie

By: Annie Dineen

I guess you could say my newspaper days started in sixth grade when I would write recipes for Pocantico Hills’ student run newspaper, “The Hawk.” And being a measly 9th grader roaming around the club fair during my freshman orientation, it was comforting seeing a few Poco alum at the Newspaper Club stand. And it also helped that Mrs. Fishman, who had taught both of my brothers before, was eager to find young writers, and welcomed me with open arms. The atmosphere of the writing lab after school is intense. Whether is was the editors rattling off article ideas, trying to find the sign in sheet, and of course Mrs. Fishman yelling “conflict of interest,” there was always a lot going on. So when it was our (Aiden, Jolie and myself) turn to be the leaders of the paper, and all of our meetings were hosted on Microsoft Teams, it was hard. But my fellow editors in chief, Rosie and Gio (the future superstars), every staff writer, and of course Fish, worked tirelessly to publish issues in an online format. I hope everyone has enjoyed my satire pieces over the years, which I admit may have seemed harsh but always were all in good fun. I am so proud of what this team has accomplished and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of our young writers.


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