The Perfect Prom!

By: Jolie Wasserman

After months of uncertainty, Briarcliff’s 2021 prom did not just happen, but exceeded expectations. As all students and faculty attending were required to show proof of either full vaccination, negative Covid-19 test, or Covid-19 recovery, masks did not have to be worn at the outdoor location of the Sleepy Hollow Country Club.

The night was filled with visible smiles, sweaty mosh pits, and even a dance routine by Dr. Kaishian to Blue Swede’s Hooked on a Feeling with impromptu dance partner Kelly Friedel.

As a virtual learner for most of the year, I hadn’t seen many of my classmates this year. One of the highlights of my evening was seeing students who I had not seen in more than a year; new hairstyles and growth spurts were just the tip of the iceberg on that front.

Regarding the latest fashion icons of the senior class, Raj Rastogi, Jack Newman, and Andrew Hammond hoisted themselves into such a platform with their unique looks. Raj wore a kurtha, sporting a yellow boutonniere for an accent color. Jack, in style, accessorized with a top hat, cane, and monocle. Andrew is getting ready for his future in Scotland with his kilt and matching suit jacket.

It was a perfect night to cap off our high school career. Even Mother Nature played a pivotal role in the night, ensuring the incoming storm wouldn’t rain on our parade.


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