The Surge of Covid in India

By: Rosie Swidler

As the United States corona virus rates continue to decrease, it is not the same in all countries. News reports have been flooded with headlines on India, as they have been hit with a second wave for the past two months due to new variants that have spread. This has been causing disastrous effects to India’s population. Due to lack of oxygen tanks and other health supplies, Indian hospitals have not been successful in helping all,

and many patients have unfortunately died. However, with more and more vaccines rolling in, many Indian states have begun to relax as the number of illnesses fall to the lowest level in more than two months. On Monday, states including Delhi relaxed coronavirus restrictions, this means that stores and malls are allowed to reopen. Experts warn against a full reopening because

just around 5% of India’s estimated 950 million adults have received the required two doses of vaccine, leaving millions vulnerable. Some firms in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, were allowed to bring back 50% of their workers, and salons and alcohol stores reopened. However, until June 21, bus services are suspended. Due to millions of people rely on daily earnings to pay for food and rent, it puts pressure on

the government to resume economic activity. As shown from these statistics, it is clear that the pandemic is not over and millions are being affected. We
as a community are so lucky to have the opportunity to get vaccinated and be healthy. Remember to stay safe and wear your mask. If not for you, then for others.
Total cases in India as of June 14, 2021: 29,570,035
Deaths from COVID-19 in India as of June 14, 2021: 377,061


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