BHS Students Work Together at Twist

By Izzie Alley

It’s old news that Twist has opened up in Briarcliff. Cars that cruise through town find themselves slowing down to see who is hanging out around the central location of Twist. If it’s late on a weekday you might find the baseball team after a game having a nice treat. It’s not hard to walk by and see a BHS student or two getting froyo. The real question is: who are the employees? Well, they range from complete strangers to us Briarcliffians, to Ossining students to our very own BHS students. Continue reading “BHS Students Work Together at Twist”

Blow-Dryz Takes Briarcliff

By Laura Charney

In the beginning of March, the frozen yogurt store Twist came to Briarcliff in full force and Blow-Dryz is right behind it. Blow-Dryz is another exciting addition to town that is planned to open on May 19, right before prom. Blow-Dryz is a dry bar, which means there are absolutely no chemicals (coloring) and no cuts. Blow-Dryz focuses on shampoos and blow-dries for a low cost. Continue reading “Blow-Dryz Takes Briarcliff”

I Got My Mind on My Pizza

By Brandon Fuhr

Briarcliff is a town of abundance. Although it lacks a good Chinese restaurant, it has easy access to four frozen yogurt places and countless pizza places. In fact, it may be overwhelming to decide where to get a slice. Some of the popular pizzerias in the Briarcliff area include Euro Pizza, Paese, Dom & Vinnie’s, Capri, Ossining Pizzeria, Lucios, Pleasantville Pizzeria, and Jerry’s Brick Oven Pizza. Continue reading “I Got My Mind on My Pizza”

Yogolicious Comes to North State Road

By Jasmine Bar

In addition to the recent news of Twist opening this spring in the town, the Yogolicious that we all know and love is finally coming to Briarcliff! The owner Jennifer Paternostro confirmed that as long as the process goes smoothly, the opening date will be March 1st. The new address is 516 North State Road in Briarcliff. It will be sharing the building with the nail salon, Look of Success. Continue reading “Yogolicious Comes to North State Road”

Twist: Froyo Finally in Briarcliff!

By Jasmine Bar

Twist Coming Soon
Photo by Jack Fischer

As you drive through Briarcliff’s town, you may notice something a little different: the Verizon store has been replaced with a sign announcing the arrival of Twist, a new frozen yogurt shop! Although the shop will not be opening until Spring 2013, co-owner Michael Daly gave us a sneak peek into what the store will be like. Continue reading “Twist: Froyo Finally in Briarcliff!”