Songs for a Cause 2014

By Molly Charney This year’s Songs for a Cause benefit concert featured musical talent from a range of the BHS student body and was ran without a hitch by junior Jessi Mason.  This year’s concert benefitted the Pleasantville Cottage School, a residential treatment facility for children with unstable homes.  The Cottage School had recently been involved in a fire and could use the help of … Continue reading Songs for a Cause 2014

Mock Trial Season Comes to a Close

By Molly Charney

As spring sports are underway and the weather begins to warm up, Briarcliff’s Mock Trial team wraps up another successful season.  The BHS Mock Trial team, led by seniors Tong Li and Claudia Price, competes in the Westchester Mock Trial Tournament.  When the team competes, they take on the role of either the prosecution or the defense.

Mock Trial 2014
Mock Trial 2014

Each year the New York State Bar Association creates a fake case for high school mock trial teams to use in the competitions.  This year’s case was a criminal case about hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as “fracking.”  The defendant was a made up company, Penn Hydra Gas Inc., and was accused of contaminating the water supply of a western New York village.

Each school’s mock trial team is composed of both lawyers and witnesses.  Claudia Price explains, “Our attorneys each do a direct examination of one of our witnesses and a cross examination of one of the other team’s witnesses. We also have to give opening and closing statements.”  The team’s lawyers must spend time memorizing and preparing questions as well as their opening and closing statements, while witnesses are responsible for knowing the facts of their affidavit and direct examination questions. Continue reading “Mock Trial Season Comes to a Close”

Center for Disease Control Expects Pandemic Level Proportions of Senioritis Next Semester

By Joshua Gottlieb This past Tuesday, director Thomas Frieden announced that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) expects an alarming number of high school seniors to come down with Senioritis at Briarcliff High School. According to Frieden, “this could be worse than Ebola.” Senioritis, also known as Second Semester Senior Syndrome (SSSS), can be characterized by its debilitating symptoms. Symptoms of Senioritis include a depressed … Continue reading Center for Disease Control Expects Pandemic Level Proportions of Senioritis Next Semester

I Sold My Soul to the Cloud – and You May Have Too

By Feroze Mohideen Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz probably said it best in a conversation from a hit movie of this year: Jay: “It went up! It went up to the cloud!” Annie: “And you can’t get it down from the cloud?” Jay: “Nobody understands the cloud! It’s a [expletive] mystery!” Jay was right; the “cloud” can be a riddle, wrapped in a [expletive] mystery, inside an … Continue reading I Sold My Soul to the Cloud – and You May Have Too

A Gift-Giving Guide for This Holiday Season

By: Kelsey Horowitz Holiday season is coming up and there is one thing on everyone’s mind – presents! If you are unsure of what to get a loved one or what you want this holiday season, keep on reading! One junior, Krissy Wall, says, “Well since my phone cracked, I would like to replace my phone. I would also maybe want a new watch and … Continue reading A Gift-Giving Guide for This Holiday Season

Briarcliff Cross Country Team Finishes Strong

By Jasmine Bar Fall sports are over at Briarcliff High School, but Briarcliff’s cross country team has left a laudable legacy behind. In particular, the girls ranked highly at an impressive amount of meets and were recognized on various levels for their excellence. One of the co-captains of the girls team, Blake Elwood, spoke with great pride. “We’ve come a long way. A few years … Continue reading Briarcliff Cross Country Team Finishes Strong

Future of Music Department Trips

By Eli Karp  Many students probably know that recently, on October 29, the band, orchestra and some of Mrs. Carnahan’s history students went on a trip to see Les Misérables, the musical, in the city. After hearing that the play had been brought back to Broadway, band director Ms. Montenegro suggested that the class go see it. It so happened that the band had been … Continue reading Future of Music Department Trips

Fall Sports Wrap-Up

By Alex Horowitz It is now November, which means another successful season of Briarcliff Varsity Fall sports has wrapped up. Alex Horowitz of The Briarcliff Bulletin sat down with several of these star student-athletes to get an inside look at how their teams faired this season. Senior quarterback Matt Heyda, on the Varsity Football season: “The whole team, especially the seniors, was pretty disappointed with … Continue reading Fall Sports Wrap-Up

Out With the Old, In With the Old

By Josh Gottlieb As we approach the New Year, one of the biggest stories here at Briarcliff High School is the administration’s decision to eliminate midterm week. Let me be clear – I am all for teachers testing students on the entire curriculum learned up to the half-way point of the year. This school needs to test its students at this time. However, midterms were … Continue reading Out With the Old, In With the Old