Denggg, Daniel: Artist Spotlight

By Julia Orientale Volume 68, Issue III Junior Daniel Deng has been wowing BHS with his artistic abilities and talents. His artistic road wasn’t consistent, though. Deng first pursued art when he was younger but later stopped. When high school started he got back into art and began to work on it seriously. Deng says he works in the realm of realism, primarily using oil … Continue reading Denggg, Daniel: Artist Spotlight

In Case You Missed It: Animal Farm

By Elizabeth Madden Volume 68, Issue II Animal Farm is about the political instability in a dystopian society where animals overthrow the humans, but experience their own difficulties involving political corruption and social inequality. The acting was superb, considering the experience of the students casted, and I thought that everyone did a great job in displaying animalistic qualities to the audience. I thought the opening … Continue reading In Case You Missed It: Animal Farm

BHS Dancers and Singers Dazzle on Stage

By Chloe Goldstein Volume 68, Issue II The chorus and dance concert on December 5th, was a phenomenal show, a perfect way to begin the holiday season. The theme of “flowers in winter” showed strongly and beautifully through all of the five dances. The dance section of the concert was choreographed by Briarcliff High School’s dance director, Ms. Guida. The dances included: “Acorn to Oak”, … Continue reading BHS Dancers and Singers Dazzle on Stage

The Best of NYFW

Volume 68, Issue I By Emma Wickey September 7 was the chaotic and overwhelming New York Fashion Week. Models and bloggers scoured the streets of NewYork City, running from show to show. Recognized in this article are some of the best collections and designers that worked so tirelessly at their craft. Let’s begin with the most notable show of the week: Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein’s … Continue reading The Best of NYFW

BHS Presents: Animal Farm

Volume 68, Issue I Come see Briarcliff High School’s production of Animal Farm, by George Orwell. “Tired of human politics? Come to Briarcliff High School’s production of Animal Farm, and see what happens when animals take the reigns. Hint: Things get rocky when a few pigs get power hungry. Buy your tickets ASAP before humans get locked out for good!” Buy your tickets at! All tickets are … Continue reading BHS Presents: Animal Farm

BHS Presents: The Boys from Syracuse

Volume 67, Issue III Come see BHS’s production of The Boys from Syracuse this March! “A zany take on one of the oldest stories in the book, The Boys From Syracuse is a classic ‘30s musical — a hilarious frolic through a small town where two pairs of separated-at-birth identical twins seem destined never to find each other, causing mayhem along the way.” Performances:  Friday, … Continue reading BHS Presents: The Boys from Syracuse

Dress for Comfort and Style this Winter

By Sarah Dolgin Volume 67, Issue II As the weather gets frostier and the need for warmer layers catches up with us, many nd it hard to look less like a marshmallow and look more fashionable. Although most are under the impression that large winter jackets and boots look frumpy and boring, there are many unique and trendy ways to keep winter fashion trends up … Continue reading Dress for Comfort and Style this Winter