Driver(‘)s License

By: Ava Swidler On January 8 around 2 PM, the world was blessed with the release of the biggest heart breaking yet addictive song, “Drivers License’’ by Olivia Rodrigo. This song has exploded on the social media platform TikTok, and its lyrics drop subtle hints of a secret love for an unknown boy; it created a speculated love triangle that is fueling its popularity. But … Continue reading Driver(‘)s License

Briars and Ivy

By: Adya Tiwari Briars & Ivy is an award-winning, student-run literary magazine. Every year, the club showcases the high school community’s artwork, written pieces and films that reflect the current artistic and literary culture. The staff, with senior Eve Tanios (editor-in-chief), produces this publication by anonymously reviewing student submissions, then formatting and editing the magazine for publishing at the end of the school year. Briars … Continue reading Briars and Ivy

The Death of the Movie Theater

By: Sebastian Lai and Tristen Rutman Due to the pandemic the world is currently experiencing, most movie theaters in Westchester have temporarily closed. Some of them even shut down for good. For example, the popular movie theater iPic is now permanently closed. The theater was well known for having reclining seats and hot food during movies. The Regal Movie Chain, a well known chain of … Continue reading The Death of the Movie Theater

Update on the Spring Musical

By: Alisha Lai The past year has been anything but ordinary. Prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, no one could have ever imagined a world where over four hundred thousand people have died in the United States alone and where millions more face unemployment, homelessness and food insecurities. Even in our own Briarcliff community, life is quite different. Luckily, there is one thing … Continue reading Update on the Spring Musical

Recap of Dancing for the Children Fundraiser

By Sarah Albert Volume 69, Issue IV BHS, along with the Dancing for the Children team, host- ed the 5th Annual Dancing for the Children Concert on Sunday, April 28th. The fundraiser, featuring dance companies and studios from throughout Westchester and raises proceeds for the Ossining Children’s Center, was founded by Jasmine Bar in 2014 with the hope of spreading her passion for dance and … Continue reading Recap of Dancing for the Children Fundraiser

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: A Truly Scrumptious Production

By Sarah Dolgin Volume 69, Issue III It would be an understatement to say that this year’s spring musical was exemplary. A more appropriate description of the show would include words such as whimsical, unique, and fantasmagorical. Community members, faculty, family members, and friends were blown away by their fellow students’ transformations into Vulgarian royalty and spies, along with the eccentric Potts family members. Prior … Continue reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: A Truly Scrumptious Production

Artist Spotlight: Regine Navarro

By Julia Orientale Volume 69, Issue II Regine Navarro has always had a passion for photography; her love for it clicked in Mr. Brooks’s high school photography class. She is inspired by how a single moment has the power to tell an entire story and can be interpreted so many different ways, and she strongly believes that a picture is worth a thousand words. Navarro’s … Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Regine Navarro

Denggggg Daniel

By Julia Orientale Volume 69, Issue I Senior Daniel Deng is back at it again. Over the summer, he participated in a week-long intensive portraiture workshop led by portrait painter Costa Vavagiakis at the Art Students League of New York in Manhattan. In the class Deng worked from live models and learned about the proper procedure of portrait painting: employing a style that is immediate … Continue reading Denggggg Daniel