Winter Break Activities

By: Diana Jones and Sabrina Venezia The holiday season has always been a time for families to come together and find joy amongst the dismal winter months. This season, with Covid-19 cases dramatically rising each day, has not been the safest year for extended families and friends to interact. The question arises: How can people really socialize if they cannot even be within 6 feet … Continue reading Winter Break Activities

New Club: Keepers of the Dream

By: Sofia Chroudri Ninety-one years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s birth, and nearly 57 years after his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, the question still remains: has his dream been fulfilled? Are we judged by the content of our character; not how different we are? Are boys and girls of different colors able to join hands as sisters and brothers? Has the nation risen … Continue reading New Club: Keepers of the Dream

Interview with a Frontline Worker

By: Sofia Choudhri The early stages of distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine have sparked many feelings across America: hope and relief, but also fear and uncertainty. While many Americans are excited at the prospect of a finish line to this seemingly never-ending pandemic, a large proportion of the country is also concerned about the validity of a cure to this politicized virus. Frontline workers were … Continue reading Interview with a Frontline Worker

Germany’s Holocaust Memorial

By: Lily Swidler The Holocaust was a terrible time in the world’s history. In World War II, 6 million Jewish people died at the hands of Nazis. That 6 million represented one third of the world’s Jewish population at the time.  The theme for the Holocaust Memorial Day 2021 is “be the light in the darkness.” Being the light in the darkness is an affirmation … Continue reading Germany’s Holocaust Memorial

Keeping the Dream Alive

By: Talia London Student Coalition for Human Dignity and Keepers of the Dream helped honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. by creating an impactful video which helped spur important dialogue in the community. Although Briarcliff typically holds an annual assembly for Martin Luther King Day, the format of this presentation had to be altered to accommodate the new hybrid learning schedule. Student Coalition … Continue reading Keeping the Dream Alive

Economic Insecurity

By Immanual Jacob and Rosie Swidler Coronavirus, as with any major global event, has stunted the economic growth of the world. However, this is where any similarities end. As opposed to merely interrupting economic activity, the virus has resulted in the upheaval of the very financial systems that is supposed to protect us.  This year alone, small businesses have experienced a 20% decrease in revenue … Continue reading Economic Insecurity

The Class of 2021 will be Joined by a Few More

By Jolie WassermanVolume 71, Issue II Even though the Briarcliff School District has worked endlessly to ensure the safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff, Covid-19 has taken a toll on many of us. Notably, many of our beloved high school teachers and administrators have decided to retire; 2021 will be the last year of service to the Briarcliff community for Mrs. French, Mr. … Continue reading The Class of 2021 will be Joined by a Few More

Arguing for the Gold: Profile on BHS’s Debate Team

By Tucker Poux Volume 69, Issue IV In an intense battle for the gold, Briarcliff High School’s Debate Team scored big at the Rockland County Debate League Competition, bringing home silver. The team, captained by senior John Hansley and made up of junior Saule Konstantinavicius and sophomore Chloe Goldstein, took on debaters from across the county this April in what turned out to be a … Continue reading Arguing for the Gold: Profile on BHS’s Debate Team

To Gap Year or Not to Gap Year

By Elizabeth Madden Volume 69, Issue IV Almost all of the seniors at Briarcliff high school pursue a secondary education immediately after graduation. The possibility of a “gap year” does not appeal to many, and almost seems to be viewed with a negative connota-tion; Ms. Ryan, school guidance counselor, explained that “in my seven years [of being a guidance counselor], I think I’ve had two … Continue reading To Gap Year or Not to Gap Year

Words of Advice from the Sagacious Mrs. Comblo

By Emma Konrad Volume 69, Issue IV Briarcliff Bulletin: What advice would you give your incoming AP US History students? Comblo: Do not be fearful of change. Each new year is a great opportunity as well as a great reset button. Try to embrace the opportunities you have in high school to meet new friends and to get to know your teachers, who are great … Continue reading Words of Advice from the Sagacious Mrs. Comblo