How are Schedules Made?

By Ada Hossfeld Volume 69, Issue I “Why don’t I have classes with my friends this year?” “Why do I have this teacher and not that teacher?” These frequently asked questions can end up occupying students’ minds throughout their high school careers as well as make them feel varying emotions, depending on whether their classes are filled with their friends or not. So how are … Continue reading How are Schedules Made?

Five New Faculty and Staff Members Join BHS

By Caroline Adams and Isabel Schumacher Volume 69, Issue I There are five new faculty and staff members starting this year at Briarcliff High School. We sat down with them to ask a few questions! Mrs. Bendlin Where did you work before Briarcliff? I was at Somers Middle School and at Mahopac High School. Did you have an “Ah-ha” moment when you knew you wanted … Continue reading Five New Faculty and Staff Members Join BHS

Teachers District Wide Learn to Code

By Emma Konrad Volume 69, Issue I Briarcliff is becoming even more tech savvy. Step one was becoming one to one with our technology where every student gets a laptop. Step two is teachers learning how to code. Teachers, district wide, will be learning through Apple programs, on-line self-instruction, district professional development opportunities, and collaborative sharing amongst colleagues. Another resource for teachers could be their … Continue reading Teachers District Wide Learn to Code

Who is Ratticus Finch?

By Chloe Goldstein Volume 69, Issue I If you’re part of the huge percentage of students who have been requested by the mysterious Instagram account @ratemyrats, you’ve most likely wondered who is running this strange account. I myself was quite curious and was determined to identify who was behind all of this. If you don’t already know, the Instagram account posts pictures of rats and … Continue reading Who is Ratticus Finch?

Briarcliff Introduces Legislation to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags

By Anthony Radovanovich Volume 68, Issue V Once again, when it comes to the environment, the Republic of California is one step ahead of the rest of the nation. By passing Proposition 67 in 2014, California placed a ban on the use of plastic bags. Nearly four years later a few local towns in are beginning to catch up. The town of New Castle has already succeeded … Continue reading Briarcliff Introduces Legislation to Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags

Student Gov. “Matchomatics”

By Zoe London Volume 68, Issue IV Student Government recently put on an innovative fundraiser, using the website Matchomatics to offer BHS students a chance to discover their compatibility with others. Students filled out the online question and the Matchomatics company processed the results to determine who throughout the student body people are most compatible with. The compatibility survey contained questions from personality traits to … Continue reading Student Gov. “Matchomatics”

The Great Briarcliff Pizza Party Showdown

By Tucker Poux Volume 68, Issue IV Pizza. An American classic in every sense of the word, and it is distinctly New York. Briarcliff is no stranger to pizza, with several pizzerias in the area and some sort of pizza-involving event taking place in the high school seemingly every week. With so many places to order pizza from our community is faced with one daunting … Continue reading The Great Briarcliff Pizza Party Showdown

Fortnite Takes BHS, and World, by Storm

By Kyle Harris Volume 68, Issue IV Victory Royale. You probably see Snapchat stories with a picture of those words on a TV screen a lot. Seeing those words on a TV or computer screen might represent the best moment in a teenage boy’s life. But what does “Victory Royale” actually mean? Fortnite has taken over lives and has quickly become one of the most popular video … Continue reading Fortnite Takes BHS, and World, by Storm