Talk About Test Grades

By Owen Lynch

“What did you get?”

After receiving a test score at BHS, students often ask their friends how they did. Should we be doing this? Are grades confidential and pertinent only to the person who took the test, or should students share them? Continue reading “Talk About Test Grades”

College Education: Still Worth It?

By Tamar Honig

Photo Courtesy The Next Web

While history has been sprinkled with free spirits and unconventional thinkers since the beginning of time, our contemporary day and age seems to be experiencing a noticeable boom in individuals seeking to take, in the phrasing of Robert Frost, the road less traveled. Among a generation thoroughly fascinated by the concept of “hipsterism,” there are droves of young people perpetually pursuing new ways to be alternative, innovative, and original. Applied to the idea of higher education, this unconventional mindset has led many to ask: is college still worth it?
Continue reading “College Education: Still Worth It?”

Use a Pack a Day (Of Main Office Post-Its)

By Jacob Cooper

As I look on with awe, I see a herd of aggressive, noisy animals make their way towards the escape, all tagged with bright, colorful markings signaling their departure. This mass migration occurs every day through the whole school year, rain or shine. 5th period definitely sees the heaviest traffic, although I have observed notable volume at other times. Poor Mrs. Siagris at the front office has to deal with these raucous creatures each day, at an undeniable cost to her and the school. Continue reading “Use a Pack a Day (Of Main Office Post-Its)”

I Got My Mind on My Pizza

By Brandon Fuhr

Briarcliff is a town of abundance. Although it lacks a good Chinese restaurant, it has easy access to four frozen yogurt places and countless pizza places. In fact, it may be overwhelming to decide where to get a slice. Some of the popular pizzerias in the Briarcliff area include Euro Pizza, Paese, Dom & Vinnie’s, Capri, Ossining Pizzeria, Lucios, Pleasantville Pizzeria, and Jerry’s Brick Oven Pizza. Continue reading “I Got My Mind on My Pizza”

Sparknotes: Just a Shortcut?

By Owen Lynch

Sparknotes LogoIf you’re a high school student enrolled in an English course, you’ve likely heard of SparkNotes. If you haven’t, Sparknotes is a website that has extensive study guides for books frequently read by students in school. These study guides include plot summaries, character lists, and literary elements. Some high school students have become so dependent on SparkNotes
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Hyperlocal Overload?

By Jack Fischer

The Briarcliff Bulletin, one of many news sources
The Briarcliff Bulletin, one of many news sources

The last few years have seen an explosion in so called hyperlocal news coverage. For most of history, news publishing had to be on a large scale to survive. However, as the cost of entry for news outlets has plummeted thanks to the internet, news organizations, such as The Patch, are able to target tiny geographic areas. This is a paradigmatic shift in terms of how information spreads through communities,  Continue reading “Hyperlocal Overload?”

BHS Alpine Skiing – It’s All Downhill from Here

By Ben Allen

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Briarcliff High School is a great school for athletic choice. Many fall, winter and spring sports are offered including football, basketball, and track. Although these sports are fun, they are quite mainstream. We need some change of pace (no pun intended), which would add a fresh ambiance to the sports at Briarcliff. Continue reading “BHS Alpine Skiing – It’s All Downhill from Here”

Snap Chop – Already Dead?

By Miranda Bramson

Snap ChopThe phenomenon of 2012, Snap Chop, allows users to take a picture of themselves, known as a selfie, or any other picture, and within a few seconds, a funny caption would pop up to compliment the photo. This app was constantly used, and the iconic white printed captions could be found on camera rolls and Facebook albums everywhere. However, like many fads before it, the use of Snap Chop has gone down dramatically. There are less and less of these captioned photos as other apps like Instagram and Snapchat take over. What once used to be a common go-to photo app is now neglected and even unknown. Continue reading “Snap Chop – Already Dead?”