Is the Quality of BHS Bathrooms Sexist?

By Scott Benson

Photo by Tyler Friedman
Photo by Tyler Friedman

Females are considered to be the fairer sex. But what’s so fair about girls having nicer bathrooms?

Let’s compare two of the upstairs bathrooms. Any passerby can spot the flowers and mirror on display in the entrance way of the women’s room. The entrance to the men’s room? Drab, chipped walls greet you on your way in.

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Hurricane Sandy: We Have it Easy

By Maddy Albert

Hurricane Sandy, which hit on October 29, impacted all on the east coast but some more than others. In Briarcliff, this storm affected us more than past hurricanes. School was canceled for a full week, and two-thirds of the town was powerless for much of that time. Although Briarcliff may have felt the burden of a lack of electricity and loss of trees, it should be acknowledged how relatively unscathed the town emerged from the storm, especially when compared to surrounding areas that were so harshly impacted.  Continue reading “Hurricane Sandy: We Have it Easy”

Inappropriate Behavior in the Quiet Study Area

By Rachel Reisman

Quiet Study Area SignThe disruptions created by friends chattering, the sound of music playing, and even the tapping of feet and pencils against a desk can often make it difficult to study efficiently. The library at Briarcliff High School offers a whole section in the back known as the Quiet Study Area to students who would prefer to get their work done in an atmosphere with few distractions.

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Is NHS Overrated?

By Rachel Reisman

Photo Courtesy of National Honor Society

“My grandfather once told me that there were two kinds of people: those who do the work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the first group; there was much less competition.” – Indira Gandhi

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Mrs. Silverman: The Next All-Star Teacher?

By Alex Jacobs

Photo by Alex Jacobs

Freshman year of high school can be really tough for students. Right after breezing through middle school, a whole lot of work will come flying at you unexpectedly. There’s more-and more difficult- homework, lots of tests, and usually tougher teachers. New teachers play such a big role in a student’s school year. Ideally, you want your teacher to be really cool, funny, understanding, helpful, and for him or her to teach you well.

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