Parking Lot Fiasco

By: Annie Dineen As APs and finals come to a close and seniors head off to their internships, this leaves a lot of vacancies in the senior parking lot. Well, that is until juniors ride in sporting their very own senior lot parking pass on their rear view mirror, gifted to them by a friendly 12th grader. The events described above are annual occurrences and … Continue reading Parking Lot Fiasco

“Bound 2” Break Up

By: Annie Dineen Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West filed for divorce after seven years of marriage. American music producer, rapper, and fashion designer Kanye West, who struggles with bipolar disorder, had a psychological breakdown a few months back. Unfortunately, Kanye himself publicized the whole episode on twitter, calling out many celebrities and outing many family secrets. But worst of all, Kanye claimed that his … Continue reading “Bound 2” Break Up

The Heartbreak of Full-Length APs

By: Annie Dineen One of the only good things that came out of the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown was the shift that the College Board made from an in-person 3-hour test format, to an online 45-minute test for all Advanced Placement classes. Of course, there were pros and cons to this restructuring. The pros being that students could take the test from the comfort of their … Continue reading The Heartbreak of Full-Length APs

Was Life Better During the Lockdown?

By: Joey Berger As we near the one-year anniversary of school closures around the world, many people have begun to wonder, was life better at the beginning of the lockdown? In mid-March of 2020 when Briarcliff announced that it would close all schools for two weeks due to the impending spread of Coronavirus, students seemed overjoyed at the prospect of less schoolwork and the belief … Continue reading Was Life Better During the Lockdown?

The Weeknd’s Sunday Performance

By: Lyle Alenstein and Talia Fante Super Bowl halftime performer The Weeknd decided to undergo a facial transformation to get reactions from his fans and convey a message. This message started months ago, actually, when the music video for the song “Save Your Tears,”  showed him with the bloody bandages on his face. The mummy-style bandages seemingly told a story of what the face of … Continue reading The Weeknd’s Sunday Performance

Bernie Bros

By: Jason Sendek and Trevor Lazarus The Brooklyn born, notorious Bernie Sanders has made shockwaves throughout the country once again. The 2021 Presidential Inauguration was highly anticipated by many, but we can all agree that Bernie officially stole the show. Both celebrities and politicians dressed for the occasion, but Senator Sanders’s look has become an internet sensation in the weeks following the event. Disregarding the … Continue reading Bernie Bros

Valentine’s Day: Covid Addition

By: Annie Dineen, Adya Tiwari and Ruth Witmer Lonely? Well, of course you are, considering it’s been almost a year since the world shut down. But you may be feeling a bit more lonely with Valentine’s Day approaching. We don’t blame you, it is hard to get out there and meet new people when your Saturday nights consist of Netflix binges and Zoom hangouts. And … Continue reading Valentine’s Day: Covid Addition

Being Lonely in Your Classes

By: Lyle Alenstein and Talia Fante Due to the Coronavirus, a handful of students started the school year by deciding to be an all-virtual learner, while the majority opted for the hybrid learning approach. The first two months of school began with no positive cases: but that all changed on Friday, November 13th (coincidence, I think not), when the high school had its first positive … Continue reading Being Lonely in Your Classes

Seniors Too Scared to Skip?

By Sarah Dolgin Volume 69, Issue IV As the end of the year approaches, the springtime has brought in its typical wave of showers, flowers, and apparently senior “cowards,” according to some. Clearly, it is extremely important as a senior to fulfill your responsibility of missing an important day of classes to go bowling, frolicking about, etc. Each year, every single senior receives a package … Continue reading Seniors Too Scared to Skip?