Denggggg Daniel

By Julia Orientale Volume 69, Issue I Senior Daniel Deng is back at it again. Over the summer, he participated in a week-long intensive portraiture workshop led by portrait painter Costa Vavagiakis at the Art Students League of New York in Manhattan. In the class Deng worked from live models and learned about the proper procedure of portrait painting: employing a style that is immediate … Continue reading Denggggg Daniel

How are Schedules Made?

By Ada Hossfeld Volume 69, Issue I “Why don’t I have classes with my friends this year?” “Why do I have this teacher and not that teacher?” These frequently asked questions can end up occupying students’ minds throughout their high school careers as well as make them feel varying emotions, depending on whether their classes are filled with their friends or not. So how are … Continue reading How are Schedules Made?

North State Road’s Hidden Gem: Club Fit

By Jolie Wasserman Volume 69, Issue I During this fall sports season, Briarcliff High School seniors who cannot bend it like Beckham nor have experienced sufficient severe head trauma to be crazy enough to play football elect the senior alternative. In layman’s terms, the senior alternative is a sly way of getting out of gym class by either going to a gym or having a … Continue reading North State Road’s Hidden Gem: Club Fit

Five New Faculty and Staff Members Join BHS

By Caroline Adams and Isabel Schumacher Volume 69, Issue I There are five new faculty and staff members starting this year at Briarcliff High School. We sat down with them to ask a few questions! Mrs. Bendlin Where did you work before Briarcliff? I was at Somers Middle School and at Mahopac High School. Did you have an “Ah-ha” moment when you knew you wanted … Continue reading Five New Faculty and Staff Members Join BHS

Player Spotlight: Alex Cabeca

By Colby Cho & Andrew Kanovsky Volume 69, Issue I Portugal. The Man. His name is Alex Cabeca. “Cabez” is a Lohud elite 11 senior soccer forward who has just committed to Ithaca College, where he will play alongside Alex Leahy, a Briarcliff soccer legend and Lohud’s former small school player of the year. Cabeca is a goal poacher, pitch sensation, and a natural captain … Continue reading Player Spotlight: Alex Cabeca

Active Shooter Scare at Global Citizens Festival

By Izzy Gualtiere & Isaac Hentel Volume 69, Issue I It was around 7:45 P.M. on September 29, 2018. Many were at the Global Citizens Festival and were having the time of their lives until attendees at the concert stepped and jumped on water bottles. This sounds silly, but the sounds of the water bottles exploding sounded like gunshots, and the police immediately declared an … Continue reading Active Shooter Scare at Global Citizens Festival

A Plastic Ocean: Briarcliff Gets Involved in Climate Change

By Jason Sendek & Jack Sendek Volume 69, Issue I A Plastic Ocean, directed by Craig Leeson, shows the startling amount of plastic waste that has accumulated in the ocean. Single-use plastic bags break down into micro-plastics that can take thousands of years to fully decompose. This has led to a buildup of plastic in areas of the ocean. Currently, the Pacific Garbage Patch contains … Continue reading A Plastic Ocean: Briarcliff Gets Involved in Climate Change