How to Adjust Pets Back to Normal Life

By: Alisha Lai It’s no secret that during the Covid-19 Pandemic, pet ownership has soared. Many people have found that there are significant emotional benefits from adopting and caring for a pet. Now that the virus is retreating and life in returning to (somewhat) normal, the adjustment back to regular life for the furry friend begins. For starters, pets have gotten used to their humans … Continue reading How to Adjust Pets Back to Normal Life

Update on the Spring Musical

By: Alisha Lai The past year has been anything but ordinary. Prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, no one could have ever imagined a world where over four hundred thousand people have died in the United States alone and where millions more face unemployment, homelessness and food insecurities. Even in our own Briarcliff community, life is quite different. Luckily, there is one thing … Continue reading Update on the Spring Musical