Ceramic Sculpture Brightens BHS Stairwell

By Allie Herskovitz

"What BHS Means to Me"
“What BHS Means to Me”

Something bright and beautiful has been added to a BHS stairwell in the past few months. Have you noticed? Actually, this ceramic wall hanging is hard to miss and a wonderful new addition to the walls of our school. Inspired by Dr. Jean Linville, the sculpture consists of glazed clay tiles designed and created by the eleven members of her Studio in Sculpture (ARTSC100), Period 1 class. Working over a two week period, each student crafted an individual tile with the unifying theme “What BHS Means to Me.” The tiles include images of school spirit, special classes, afterschool activities, and graduation and include soccer balls, musical instruments, a school bus, a paint palette, and a cupcake. Contributing to the overall piece were classmates Laura Birnbaum, Lizzy Boyle, Josiah Cobbs, Sean Crowley, Marissa Gelfand, Kelsey Horowitz, Michael Jones, Youssef Kassem, Allison Kaye, and Erika Zirman. Describing her own two tiles, Lizzy Boyle had to say, “I really enjoyed making the BEAR paw tile and the graduation cap. I am happy about how the whole piece turned out.” Continue reading “Ceramic Sculpture Brightens BHS Stairwell”

Urban Outfitters Arrives At The Westchester

By Allie Herskovitz

Photo Courtesy of The Westchester

Looking for a fun place to shop? Urban Outfitters, or UO has opened its first store in the county at The Westchester Mall. Students no longer need to travel to Greenwich or Manhattan to enjoy UO’s “experiential retail space” with its colorful displays, wide assortment of branded merchandise, and friendly vibe. Continue reading “Urban Outfitters Arrives At The Westchester”

Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team Overcomes Injuries and Achieves a Winning Season

By Allie Herskovitz

The Girls' Varsity Basketball Team Photo by Tyler Friedman
The Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team
Photo by Tyler Friedman

Despite several injuries, the varsity girls’ basketball team ended league play this week with an 11-7 record. Starting for the team has been Grace Orr at point guard, Cassidy Carrafiello at shooting guard, Kelsey Simpson at forward, and graduating seniors Marissa Contento at forward, and Summer Horowitz at center. This year’s captains were Summer Horowitz, Brianna Celaj, Haley Simpson, and Marissa Contento.

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By Lauren Friedman and Allie Herskovitz

instagramMany people have heard of Instagram, but do they know what it really is? It’s an app on a variety of smartphones that allows one to share pictures with their friends. Pictures posted on Instagram can differ: some people show their food on Instagram and others show pictures of themselves and their friends. These photos can be decorated with filters. Some of the filters are amaro, rise, Hudson, x-pro, sierra, early bird. The filters can make pictures look black and white, sharpened, clearer, warmer, and more.  Continue reading “Instasanity”