Poetry Out Loud: The School-Wide Competition

By Allison Greenberg

On Monday, January 27, the Poetry Out Loud school-wide competition will take place fourth period in the Middle School Theater. Each student will perform two poems. The freshman competitors are Jillian Agona and Melissa Goldberg; the sophomore representative is Haley Rosenberg; the junior contestant is Russell Francis; and the senior participants are Lexy Praeger and Jordan Ross. Two out of the six will move on to regionals. Continue reading “Poetry Out Loud: The School-Wide Competition”

What’s “Bruin” with Yearbook?

By Allison Greenberg

Nikki Metzger, Emily Feher, Jack Yurch, Katherine Angst and Rachel Honigman
Photo by Jack Fischer

This year’s yearbook is undergoing important changes, the two biggest of which are the alteration of the traditional Senior Superlatives and an all-color yearbook.

The school administration pulled the Superlatives because of student and parent concerns articulated to Mr. Kaishian. “Nominated students are put in a difficult position,” Continue reading “What’s “Bruin” with Yearbook?”