In Case You Missed It: Animal Farm

By Elizabeth Madden Volume 68, Issue II Animal Farm is about the political instability in a dystopian society where animals overthrow the humans, but experience their own difficulties involving political corruption and social inequality. The acting was superb, considering the experience of the students casted, and I thought that everyone did a great job in displaying animalistic qualities to the audience. I thought the opening … Continue reading In Case You Missed It: Animal Farm

BHS Presents: Animal Farm

Volume 68, Issue I Come see Briarcliff High School’s production of Animal Farm, by George Orwell. “Tired of human politics? Come to Briarcliff High School’s production of Animal Farm, and see what happens when animals take the reigns. Hint: Things get rocky when a few pigs get power hungry. Buy your tickets ASAP before humans get locked out for good!” Buy your tickets at! All tickets are … Continue reading BHS Presents: Animal Farm