BHS Alpine Skiing – It’s All Downhill from Here

By Ben Allen

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Briarcliff High School is a great school for athletic choice. Many fall, winter and spring sports are offered including football, basketball, and track. Although these sports are fun, they are quite mainstream. We need some change of pace (no pun intended), which would add a fresh ambiance to the sports at Briarcliff. Continue reading “BHS Alpine Skiing – It’s All Downhill from Here”

What Happened To The Agendas?

By Ben Allen

Correction: As soon as the problem was brought to the awareness of the PTA, they immediately offered to purchase agendas for upperclassmen.

Photo by Jack Fischer (Agenda courtesy of Jacob Cooper)

The biggest shock of the first day of school was not new classes or new teachers, but the fact that there were no agendas for sophomores, juniors and seniors. After years in middle school being told that the agenda book was an important part of success during the school year, the question most students asked was, “Where are the agendas?” I set out to find out what happened. Continue reading “What Happened To The Agendas?”