Ceramic Sculpture Brightens BHS Stairwell

By Allie Herskovitz

"What BHS Means to Me"
“What BHS Means to Me”

Something bright and beautiful has been added to a BHS stairwell in the past few months. Have you noticed? Actually, this ceramic wall hanging is hard to miss and a wonderful new addition to the walls of our school. Inspired by Dr. Jean Linville, the sculpture consists of glazed clay tiles designed and created by the eleven members of her Studio in Sculpture (ARTSC100), Period 1 class. Working over a two week period, each student crafted an individual tile with the unifying theme “What BHS Means to Me.” The tiles include images of school spirit, special classes, afterschool activities, and graduation and include soccer balls, musical instruments, a school bus, a paint palette, and a cupcake. Contributing to the overall piece were classmates Laura Birnbaum, Lizzy Boyle, Josiah Cobbs, Sean Crowley, Marissa Gelfand, Kelsey Horowitz, Michael Jones, Youssef Kassem, Allison Kaye, and Erika Zirman. Describing her own two tiles, Lizzy Boyle had to say, “I really enjoyed making the BEAR paw tile and the graduation cap. I am happy about how the whole piece turned out.” Continue reading “Ceramic Sculpture Brightens BHS Stairwell”

Senioritis: The Plague

By Miranda Bramson

Senior Suzannah Bergstein plays on her phone while watching the llama duck song.
Senior Suzannah Bergstein plays on her phone while watching the llama duck song.

The disease has spread. There are rumors of quarantine mixed with the shouts of teachers throughout the halls. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors beware. Senioritis has hit BHS and no one is safe. With the onset of second semester, there has been a noticeable difference in the behavior of almost every senior. You may see a larger number of them hanging out in the library or just hear the muffled uproar coming from an English 12 room. Continue reading “Senioritis: The Plague”

The Sub Station

BHS' new cafeteria furniture: off-limits to those at the sub station
Photo courtesy of Nick Beninati

By Anastasia Friedland

This fall, Briarcliff High School decided to try something different by cutting substitute teachers and implementing a new system where there is only one substitute for the whole school.

Mr. Shapiro, who has been working with the Briarcliff School District since 2008, can be recognized by his always-smiling face and slicked back white hair. He will wave and say hello to you in the hallway and will most likely call you by your full first name. Every period besides 5th, he sits at his desk on the left side of the cafeteria, near the windows in the back. The tables surrounding his desk are called, The Sub Station. Continue reading “The Sub Station”