Who Is Mr. McIntosh?

By Caroline Pennacchio With every new school year comes something or, perhaps, someone new. This year, Mr. Edgar McIntosh was selected to become the new Director of Instruction and Human Resources for the Briarcliff Manor School District. But who is Mr. McIntosh? Mr. McIntosh, an Alumnus of UMass Amherst, was the Principal of Ardsley Middle School for five years before he accepted the position at … Continue reading Who Is Mr. McIntosh?

Briarcliff Senior To Defend Our Nation

By Caroline Pennacchio

Graham GoldwynThis year not only did the U.S. Army visit students in the cafeteria at lunch, and the leadership class after school, but one of Briarcliff’s own has made the commitment to join the U.S. Army. From the age of four, Graham Goldwyn has expressed the desire to serve in our nation’s armed forces. His interest started when he went to Fleet Week and saw the Naval ships that came into New York harbor. Now, about 14 years later, Graham has been accepted into the ROTC scholarship program at University of California Davis. Continue reading “Briarcliff Senior To Defend Our Nation”

Law Park Renovations Include New Ice Skating Rink

By Caroline Pennacchio

Tennis Courts where Rink Will BePhoto by Tyler Friedman
Tennis Courts where Rink Will Be
Photo by Tyler Friedman

Any renovation of the town pool or school athletic fields is always a highly discussed topic in Briarcliff. Village Manager Philip Zegarelli shared two recent projects that will enhance recreation in our village. The first project is the replacement of the swimming pool liner. Mr. Zegarelli said that pool liners aren’t only beneficial for the users of the pool in preventing scrapes and cuts that could result from the rough surface of concrete, but the benefit of the liner prevents ground water from storms from entering the pool through cracks in the concrete base, adding impurities to the water.

Continue reading “Law Park Renovations Include New Ice Skating Rink”

Renovations in Briarcliff

By Caroline Pennacchio

Photo courtesy of BMUFSD

The talk of renovations and improved athletic facilities has been around for many years. The current fields flood constantly, and the track has many holes and uneven sections. Also, the talk of artificial turf fields is a common topic. The district has now taken action to begin capital improvements across all three schools. Continue reading “Renovations in Briarcliff”