Madeline Zimmerman: Briarcliff’s Artistic Protégé

By Casey Tilles


Madeline Zimmerman is a senior who has definitely made her passion for art evident throughout her high school career. Like the two artists she looks up to the most, Edward Hopper and Monet, she loves expressing her creativity through oil paintings. Continue reading “Madeline Zimmerman: Briarcliff’s Artistic Protégé”

BHS Students to Participate on Midnight Runs

By Casey Tilles

On December 8, Congregation Sons of Israel in Briarcliff Manor is going to sponsor a midnight run to benefit the homeless in New York City. Although the run takes place on one Saturday night, CSI will be preparing for this important effort over many weeks. The entire community gets involved by donating items to distribute and by packing the donated items and preparing meals for the homeless. Packing up the items begins at 8pm that evening and volunteers are always appreciated.

Continue reading “BHS Students to Participate on Midnight Runs”