Biden’s First Moves

By: Charlotte Baer The Biden administration has been running rampant, attempting to undo 4 years of Trumpism, both with policy and rhetoric. President Joe Biden has signed a plethora of executive orders, actions, and memorandums. Most of these are aimed at addressing the Coronavirus pandemic and reversing many of Donald Trump’s executive orders. The executive actions Biden has taken in the first days of his … Continue reading Biden’s First Moves

Vaccine Update

By: Charlotte Baer Just over a month ago, on December 14, 2020, the United States began administering the COVID-19 vaccine, one of the biggest vaccination campaigns in history. More than 68.1 million doses in 56 countries have been administered. The latest rate was roughly 3.44 million doses a day, on average. About 23.5 million shots have been given in the U.S. The U.S. however, had … Continue reading Vaccine Update

The Invasion of the U.S. Capitol

By: Charlotte Baer and Ruth Witmer On January 6, the House and Senate met in a joint session to certify the results of the election. Generally, these proceedings are simply a formality, but with the bombardment of misinformation about the election and rumors of countless Senate and House objections, that was not the case. At approximately 2:15pm a group of pro-Trump rioters breached Capitol security … Continue reading The Invasion of the U.S. Capitol