Briars and Ivy

By: Adya Tiwari Briars & Ivy is an award-winning, student-run literary magazine. Every year, the club showcases the high school community’s artwork, written pieces and films that reflect the current artistic and literary culture. The staff, with senior Eve Tanios (editor-in-chief), produces this publication by anonymously reviewing student submissions, then formatting and editing the magazine for publishing at the end of the school year. Briars … Continue reading Briars and Ivy

Spin-A-Thon for Pediatric Cancer

By Lauren Koenig

Pediatric Cancer Club
Pediatric Cancer Club

On Saturday, March 22, the Briarcliff community came together and “spun” for a cause. Organized by BHS sophomore Jordana Cohen, this year’s annual “Spin-A-Thon for Pediatric Cancer” raised $17,500 for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. “It was a tremendous success,” gushes Cohen. “We raised $2,500 more than last year, which is really great.”

The spin-a-thon took place at SpinSational, the local spin studio, and consisted of 8, half-hour sessions of 35 people each. “It felt like the whole community was there, either spinning or just helping out!” Jordana tells The Bulletin. “Even kids from the middle school were there!” Continue reading “Spin-A-Thon for Pediatric Cancer”

Club Spotlight: Chemistry Club

By Allen He

Are you into chemistry? Do you like explosions and setting things on fire? Do you just really like Dr. Saar since he’s an awesome teacher? You should check out Chemistry Club!

Silver and Gold Pennies: Photo courtesy of Daniella Ibarra
Silver and Gold Pennies: Photo courtesy of Marcela Ibarra

Run by Dr. Saar and Co-Presidents Ryan Rosen and Eric Wasserman, the club explores the wonders of chemistry by performing enjoyable and interactive demonstrations. Dr. Saar sometimes digs these experiments up from books, resulting in “old favorites” that have been repeated over the years. Other times, the demonstrations are newly discovered on the Internet or suggested by students. This allows each week to bring a fresh experience to the club. Continue reading “Club Spotlight: Chemistry Club”