Briarcliff Pioneers the Way for 1-1 Devices

By Anthony Radovanovich Volume 68, Issue II Goodbye, heavy, clunky bookbags. This year, Briarcliff Manor School District became the first k-12 district in Westchester Country to have a one-to-one ratio of students to devices. Once the district-wide one-to-one plan was adopted, nothing was going to stop the persistent Briarcliff Technology Department. For the last four years, the program has been a work in progress. Technology … Continue reading Briarcliff Pioneers the Way for 1-1 Devices

Where Did All the Mice Go?

By Tommy Praeger and Chris Fischer

One major concern that students have when they sit down at a computer in the library is if the there is a mouse to go along with the computer. There are an alarming amount of computers in the library that do not have mice.

Broken Mouse
Broken Mouse Pin: Photo Courtesy of Chris Fischer

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