Ms. Cotnoir: Teacher by Day, Alien-Spotter by Night?

By David Kaminsky

Briarcliff UFO AlienUFO: unidentified flying object; a mysterious object seen in the sky for which, it is claimed, no orthodox scientific explanation can be found. Most of us are familiar with this concept, something known from an early age, perhaps pondered about as children. For the most part, people associate the term with aliens, or extraterrestrial life forms. However, not everybody lets go of the whimsical idea by adulthood and rejects the thought as nonsense. Continue reading “Ms. Cotnoir: Teacher by Day, Alien-Spotter by Night?”


Free the Children

By David Kaminsky

Free the Children is an active club at BHS, founded by Briarcliff alumni Sophie Kousouros and Amanda Marks after they each went on different Free the Children programs and met Spencer West, who presented at BHS last year. The club has roughly doubled in size and is currently run by seniors Alex Martocci and Logan Davis along with faculty advisor Mr. Heltzel. Continue reading “Free the Children”

What’s New with School Policies

By David Kaminsky

Coming back to school this year has been met with tighter rule enforcement than previous years. This may be regarding events prior to the new year or just to help aid in management of the school with new ideas. Changes and rules have been met with mostly positive reactions and were designed to help construct a more positive learning environment. Continue reading “What’s New with School Policies”