The Benefits of Procrastination

By Diana Wexler

I am a procrastinator. And despite negative connotations associated with procrastination, I am a great advocate of the practice. Forget the type A personalities, the typical go-getters of the world and throw away the mantra of “don’t leave everything for the last minute.” Because inactivity is not just relaxing; it is also productive and effective under the right guidance. Continue reading “The Benefits of Procrastination”


Averting Prom Disaster

By Diana Wexler

“OMG he is wearing the same tuxedo as me! This is a disaster!” is something that will never be said at the Briarcliff High School Senior Prom. Neither is “OMG, she is wearing the same dress as me! This is a disaster!” but for an entirely different reason. The former is due to a combination of facts that include 1) nobody notices which tuxedos look the same, 2) nobody cares and 3) no really, nobody cares. However, the latter is the sole result of the Facebook group “Prom Dresses 2013”, specifically designed to eliminate the horror, confrontations, and ultimately tears that result from wearing the same outfit as someone else on the most important day of a girl’s high school career. Continue reading “Averting Prom Disaster”