BHS Habitat for Humanity Hosts Gingerbread Build


By Eric Wasserman

A gingerbread house creation for a good cause

On Thursday, December 19, in the midst of the holiday spirit, the Habitat for Humanity Club hosted the unanimously agreed upon best event in BHS history. I was lucky enough to attend this event with the excuse of driving my ten-year old sister to it, but I was really doing it for myself. Instead of building houses like it does at its normal builds, the Habitat for Humanity Club arranged for Todd School students to build their own gingerbread houses to raise money for the organization. As Miranda Bramson so eloquently put it “every gingerbread house we build here will contribute to a house being built in the real world.” The Todd School students got to choose from an array of models to build. Those looking for a challenge might have selected the teepee/triangle house. Each student had his/her own method of decorating. Some determined students put icicles on their house with frosting while others made the executive decision to throw as much candy as possible into the living room of their gingerbread houses. It was nice to see, especially during the holiday season, high school students and Todd School students working fervently and side-by-side to accomplish a common goal- deliciousness. Continue reading “BHS Habitat for Humanity Hosts Gingerbread Build”

What Are Our Valedictorian and Salutatorians REALLY Like?

By Eric Wasserman

Besides having the top three GPAs in the school, Elizabeth Kanovsky, Tamar Honig, and Jesse Goodman have unique academic and extracurricular interests. Their early and varied accomplishments indicate that they will become some of the finest leaders in their respective fields.  Continue reading “What Are Our Valedictorian and Salutatorians REALLY Like?”

Storm Clouds over the School Calendar

By Eric Wasserman

2012-13 School Calendar
Courtesy BMUFSD

Hurricane Sandy caused horrific destruction, including the loss of more than one hundred lives. A far less significant, yet apparent, effect of the storm was on Briarcliff High School’s academic calendar. Many BHS students found the transition back to school from the week off to be quite smooth. Due to the extended power outages, Principal James Kaishian made sure that no tests would be scheduled during the first week back to school. He also ensured that students were not overloaded with tests during the second week by designating certain days of that week for testing in various subjects. Briarcliff students were very pleased with Mr. Kaishian’s measures.

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The Top One Percent

By Eric Wasserman

Photo by Brandon Fuhr

Becoming a National Merit Semifinalist is about as difficult as making the NCAA College Basketball Final Four. Elizabeth Kanovsky, Tyler Friedman, and David Gold have made it to the Semi-Finals. They reside in the top one percent of students in the nation with this honor due to their exceptional performance on the PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualification Test) last fall.
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