Editorial by Sean Fischer

By Sean Fischer Volume 69, Issue IV There’s something special about the Class of 2019. Maybe each graduating class feels that way towards the end of their high school career, but for me, I’ve grown to appreciate the uniqueness of the energy, community, and vigor that our grade exemplifies. Over the past thirteen years, I’ve watched my classmates grow into the people they are today, … Continue reading Editorial by Sean Fischer

Arguing for the Gold: Profile on BHS’s Debate Team

By Tucker Poux Volume 69, Issue IV In an intense battle for the gold, Briarcliff High School’s Debate Team scored big at the Rockland County Debate League Competition, bringing home silver. The team, captained by senior John Hansley and made up of junior Saule Konstantinavicius and sophomore Chloe Goldstein, took on debaters from across the county this April in what turned out to be a … Continue reading Arguing for the Gold: Profile on BHS’s Debate Team

To Gap Year or Not to Gap Year

By Elizabeth Madden Volume 69, Issue IV Almost all of the seniors at Briarcliff high school pursue a secondary education immediately after graduation. The possibility of a “gap year” does not appeal to many, and almost seems to be viewed with a negative connota-tion; Ms. Ryan, school guidance counselor, explained that “in my seven years [of being a guidance counselor], I think I’ve had two … Continue reading To Gap Year or Not to Gap Year

Words of Advice from the Sagacious Mrs. Comblo

By Emma Konrad Volume 69, Issue IV Briarcliff Bulletin: What advice would you give your incoming AP US History students? Comblo: Do not be fearful of change. Each new year is a great opportunity as well as a great reset button. Try to embrace the opportunities you have in high school to meet new friends and to get to know your teachers, who are great … Continue reading Words of Advice from the Sagacious Mrs. Comblo

Spanish Club Sponsors a Bolivian Girl

By Annie Dineen Volume 69, Issue III Through the organization “Save the Children” Mrs. Manchisi and the Spanish club are sponsoring Karina, 14-year-old girl from Bolivia. Through this sponsorship, Karina can have access to education and medical care. The club chose Karina because she has struggled to find a sponsor for many years, and unfortunately, she is not the only one who has been waiting. … Continue reading Spanish Club Sponsors a Bolivian Girl

Local Supermarket Reviews

By Ada Hossfeld Volume 69, Issue II Just how different is one grocery stores from another? They all have the same job to do, but they end up doing it in different ways. What determines the superiority or inferiority of our supermarkets? The first step I took in figuring out the overall quality of some of our local supermarkets was by making a rubric. It … Continue reading Local Supermarket Reviews

Where Are All the BHS Honor Societies

By Caroline Adams Volume 69, Issue II Briarcliff High School students can be inducted into five honor societies, including the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society, National Art Honor Society, and National Honor Society for Dance Arts. A few notable subjects have been left off the BHS roster. Briarcliff offers no English, Science, or Language Honor Societies, and … Continue reading Where Are All the BHS Honor Societies

Queer Eye: Fighting for Acceptance, Not Just Tolerance

By Zoe London Volume 69, Issue II If you happen to be a fan of Queer Eye and have binged the first two seasons, you know that the Netflix series is both entertaining and addicting. At first glance, some may think of this series as another superficial makeover show. But it is so much more; it brings heartwarming moments to its audience when the five … Continue reading Queer Eye: Fighting for Acceptance, Not Just Tolerance

Alumni Spotlight: Aliyah Sutton

By James Fludgate Volume 69, Issue II Aliyah Sutton surprised her fellow junior class mates when she announced she was leaving Briarcliff after her junior year to attend the University of Central Florida. She decided to keep her decision to go to college a year early between friends and family until she committed to a school. “I knew I wanted to graduate early because I … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Aliyah Sutton