The AP Pressure Keeps Cooking

By Brandon Danuff Volume 68, Issue I In 2017, when top colleges want students to do anything and everything, the debate over whether a student’s well-being, well roundedness as a student, and work ethic is considered in addition to grades and dif cult classes rages on. It’s not hard to see how competitive students are with each other at Briarcliff, and while friendly competition is … Continue reading The AP Pressure Keeps Cooking

The Best Fall Treats to Make at Home

By Sarah Albert and Emma Diller Volume 68, Issue I Grandma’s Apple Pie Take a piece of Grandma with you to your next family gathering! Crust: -2 cups sifted all-purpose our -1 teaspoon salt -2⁄3 cup of shortening -5-7 tablespoons cold water (or if you’re lazy… Pillsbury dough works too!!) Filling: -6 or 7 granny smith apples -3⁄4 to 1 cup sugar -2 tablespoons our … Continue reading The Best Fall Treats to Make at Home

Westchester’s Premier Alpaca Farm

Volume 68, Issue I By Anthony Radovanovich The fall equinox lands on Friday, September 22. No matter the temperature, it’s officially sweater weather. More comfortable than cashmere or wool, and completely hypoallergenic, alpaca eece is ooding the market. Many wonder what an alpaca is, how an alpaca is different from a llama, and everything in between. Native to Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, alpacas were imported … Continue reading Westchester’s Premier Alpaca Farm

Students Rush to Join Rho Kappa: Social Studies Honor Society

Volume 68, Issue I By Sarah Albert This year, Briarcliff High School is introducing a fifth honor society: Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society. Rho Kappa joins the New York State Math Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, National Honor Society for Dance Arts, National Art Honor Society, and National Honor Society chapters at BHS. The mission statement of the organization is to recognize … Continue reading Students Rush to Join Rho Kappa: Social Studies Honor Society

Pleasantville’s Pearl: Pubstreet Review

Volume 68, Issue I By Tucker Poux When you think about Pleasantville food, what comes to mind? Mexican? Pizza? Sushi? Indian? Probably not seafood. Pleasantville lacked any semblance of great seafood restaurants until chef Mogan Anthony strolled into town, bringing with him a taste of delicious seafood. Pubstreet opened its doors in September to a huge crowd wait- ing to get its hands on some … Continue reading Pleasantville’s Pearl: Pubstreet Review

Mr. Shapiro Retires

Volume 68, Issue I By Claire Goldstein and Will Zimmerman At the beginning of the school year, a horror the students never saw coming hit them hard. Substation administrator Mr. Shapiro retired. Kind of. I guess. As Briarcliff High School’s only substitute teacher, Mr. Shapiro was officially a sub for every single student during his nine years with the school. Far too busy for an … Continue reading Mr. Shapiro Retires

Three Student-Athletes Officially Commit

Volume 68, Issue I By Eli Karp Three student-athletes signed their National Letters of Intent (NLI) on Wednesday, November 8. Two pitchers on the Bears Varsity Baseball team, Jack Ryan and Quinten Cooleen, will be playing the same sport at the next level. Ryan will play at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. William & Mary competes in the Colonial Athletic Association, a … Continue reading Three Student-Athletes Officially Commit

Charlotte Sendek Goes for Gold Award

Volume 68, Issue I By Julia Orientale Junior Charlotte Sendek has been a Girl Scout for the past 11 years, starting a Daisy scout and now a Senior scout. When Girl Scouts reach middle school, they have the option to create a project that becomes their Bronze Award. After the bronze award, a girl scout can decide if she wants to go for the Silver … Continue reading Charlotte Sendek Goes for Gold Award

Maresca Mayhem Drives Students Mad

Volume 68, Issue I By Sarah Dolgin Tears stream down the hunger-stricken faces of students as they flock into the beloved Pat V. Maresca Center strictly to do their work. The Golden Age of the Maresca has ended, and students mourn the good old days when they could eat their lunches while doing their work at the same time! With signs entailing the demise of any … Continue reading Maresca Mayhem Drives Students Mad