Veganism Food Trend

By Sarah Albert Volume 67, Issue II Americans consume an extreme quantity of meat per year. Last year, the US average beef consumption was 24.1 billion pounds. This meat production takes a toll on the environment in significant way. Cows are the leading producers of methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. The land and resources used in the livestock production and upkeep is not sustainable. To … Continue reading Veganism Food Trend

Dress for Comfort and Style this Winter

By Sarah Dolgin Volume 67, Issue II As the weather gets frostier and the need for warmer layers catches up with us, many nd it hard to look less like a marshmallow and look more fashionable. Although most are under the impression that large winter jackets and boots look frumpy and boring, there are many unique and trendy ways to keep winter fashion trends up … Continue reading Dress for Comfort and Style this Winter

Chrismakkah 2016

By Stephanie Markowitz Volume 67, Issue II   The running joke among American Jews is the annual tradition of eating Chinese food and watching movies on Christmas Eve. My own family has spent many a December 25th noshing on shrimp fried rice and watching Star Wars. Unfortunately, the cherished practice was forced to come to a pause this year; this Christmas Eve happens to be … Continue reading Chrismakkah 2016

Priceless Education: Is it Worth a Lifetime of Debt?

By Alyssa Nadler Volume 67, Issue II Many universities require families to ll out the College Scholarship Service (CSS) form in addition to the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) when applying for nancial aid. It costs twenty-five dollars to submit a CSS form to every school (CSS/Financial Aid Pro le). It ironically costs people money to apply for a program that they can … Continue reading Priceless Education: Is it Worth a Lifetime of Debt?

Former Editors-In-Chief: Where are they Now?

By Eli Karp Volume 67, Issue II It’s a constant thought in Maresca conversations. Somehow a former student comes up in discussion and whichever teacher is making themselves out to be ancient can’t seem to recall where that student currently is in the world. Leave it to The Briarcliff Bulletin to find out what some BHS alumni are up to. The Bulletin in particular has … Continue reading Former Editors-In-Chief: Where are they Now?