State of the State Address

By Mary Scott Volume 67, Issue II On January 10th, 2017, ten Briarcliff students were invited to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State Address at SUNY Purchase. The students were Olivia Banc, Sam Driver, Ava Goldwyn, Madison Hennessey, Kelly Marchese, Steven Orientale, Andres Sanchez, Mary Scott, Charlotte Segal, and Sophie Underwood. The students were entered in a competition and were randomly selected to attend … Continue reading State of the State Address

Relocation of the Briarcliff Deli

By Amelia Leahy Volume 67, Issue II As many of you know, the Briarcliff Market & Deli has announced that it is moving locations. The new deli will be located just across the street at the old Twist building. Recently, Briarcliff Market & Deli owner, Frank, purchased the store across the street. He purchased that space because this expenditure would provide him with more business … Continue reading Relocation of the Briarcliff Deli

Jordan Kim: Killing the Instagram Game

By Rebecca Leon Volume 67, Issue II If you’re big in the world of Instagram, you may have noticed senior Jordan Kim’s steady rise in popularity and notoriety. Why you may ask? Because of his photography. He posts his artwork on Instagram with the username @jrdnkim, and each post receives anything from 150 to 400 likes in a matter of days. Jordan’s photographs range from … Continue reading Jordan Kim: Killing the Instagram Game

Restuarant Review: Red Zebra

By Tucker Poux Volume 67, Issue II Red Zebra is a brand new restaurant located in Sleepy Hollow. This is no ordinary Italian bistro, as Red Zebra is owned by Neil Benson, a member of the Briarcliff community. Benson’s sons Alex and Oliver currently attend Briarcliff High School. What Mr. Benson and co-owner David Starkey have created is a fantastic Italian restaurant with delicious homemade … Continue reading Restuarant Review: Red Zebra

Tree Huggers vs. The Night Crew

By Anthony Radovanovich Volume 67, Issue II “We are fighting back,” says Lucy Kaminsky, co-president of Briarcliff Treehugger’s club. Briarcliff Treehugger’s Club is a student-run organization with faculty sponsor Mrs. Constantinou. The club aims to promote environmental awareness within the school and strive to make the school more environmentally friendly. As a part of this mission, the club has been collecting the recycling from classrooms … Continue reading Tree Huggers vs. The Night Crew

Is It Even Possible to Keep New Year’s Resolutions?

By Sarah Albert Volume 67, Issue II Year after year, we aim high and set optimistic yet unrealistic goals for ourselves in the new year. This year I’ll be smarter, kinder and better!! Commonly, we nd ourselves promising to be more productive and stop procrastinating, be more positive, eat healthier, stop spending as much, etc. Well, the truth is, making these unrealistic goals is just … Continue reading Is It Even Possible to Keep New Year’s Resolutions?