Don Hamlin Notches 350th Career Win, but Wants More

By Eli Karp Volume 68, Issue III Varsity girls’ basketball’s December 26th win at the County Center over St. Joseph’s may be the only time it plays there this season. They certainly made it count. When Head Coach Don Hamlin came into the locker room post-game to address his players, he felt a buzz in the room. That buzz turned into applause very quick. Hamlin, … Continue reading Don Hamlin Notches 350th Career Win, but Wants More

Chorus Sings for MLK

By Anthony Radovanovich Volume 68, Issue III Sunday, January 14th, Dr. Banks and the Briarcliff High School Chorus will head to the Star of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Ossining, to engage in a community celebration of Martin Luther King Day. The chorus will be performing uplifting and powerful music for parishioners that has strong ties to the holiday through underlying meaning. Two songs the group … Continue reading Chorus Sings for MLK

Don’t Tell Me to Chill

By Sarah Dolgin Volume 68, Issue III Picture this: you just failed a test that you were counting on to bring up your math average, and you are ranting to your friend about it. Suddenly, he says that one word that makes your skin crawl: “chill.” Not only were your valid feelings concerning your academic success invalidated by that single word, you most certainly questioned … Continue reading Don’t Tell Me to Chill

Denggg, Daniel: Artist Spotlight

By Julia Orientale Volume 68, Issue III Junior Daniel Deng has been wowing BHS with his artistic abilities and talents. His artistic road wasn’t consistent, though. Deng first pursued art when he was younger but later stopped. When high school started he got back into art and began to work on it seriously. Deng says he works in the realm of realism, primarily using oil … Continue reading Denggg, Daniel: Artist Spotlight

Player Spotlight: Jack Ryan

By Colby Cho & Andrew Kanovsky Volume 68, Issue III In this edition of player spotlight, we get an insight to the boys basketball captain, Jack Ryan. Along with co-captains Tucker Wexler and Miles Jones Jack has been leading the Bears as they seek to continue their section finals streak after losing to Pleasantville at the County Center last year. At the time of this … Continue reading Player Spotlight: Jack Ryan

Students Honor Dr. King for Cotnoir’s Last Assembly

By Stephanie Markowitz Volume 68, Issue III Thursday, January 11, was the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. assembly, put together entirely by the Student Coalition for Human Dignity. The Student Coalition for Human Dignity, a BHS club open to all, works on this event from the beginning of the year until the assembly date, typically the week before Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The assembly aimed to … Continue reading Students Honor Dr. King for Cotnoir’s Last Assembly

Sean and Sarah’s Social Q’s Part II

By Sean Fischer & Sarah Dolgin Volume 68, Issue III To be or not to be…a vegan Hi Sean and Sarah! I have been a dedicated vegan for some time now (about three months,) and besides giving up paper (because trees are friends not the foundation of corporate America), I am very conflicted about what course to take next year. My guidance counselor says that … Continue reading Sean and Sarah’s Social Q’s Part II