Beezing: Come Join the Hive

By Izzie Alley

Senior Megan O'Donnell demonstrates her beezing technique
Senior Megan O’Donnell demonstrates her beezing technique

Burt’s Bees isn’t just used to relieve chapped lips in the winter. The term “beezing” was coined when people started to apply Burt’s Bees chapstick to their eyelids. The result is a tingling sensation that feels like no other. The minty ingredients have an effect on the eyes that is relaxing and calming. Others report beezing to help them concentrate and give them a little sense of euphoria. For an extra intense experience some place cold objects, like hands or ice, on afterwards for a real shock. Continue reading “Beezing: Come Join the Hive”

BHS Students Work Together at Twist

By Izzie Alley

It’s old news that Twist has opened up in Briarcliff. Cars that cruise through town find themselves slowing down to see who is hanging out around the central location of Twist. If it’s late on a weekday you might find the baseball team after a game having a nice treat. It’s not hard to walk by and see a BHS student or two getting froyo. The real question is: who are the employees? Well, they range from complete strangers to us Briarcliffians, to Ossining students to our very own BHS students. Continue reading “BHS Students Work Together at Twist”

Sundance vs. Rocky’s: Battle of the Delis

By Izzie Alley

Photo Courtesy of YelpThe hottest accessory for a Briarcliff student these days is not any piece of clothing or a gadget – it is, in fact, a sandwich from one of two major delis in the area. Whether it’s a late night on the weekend or a 5th period lunch trip, you are likely to see Briarcliff students (especially those with their driving licenses) at either Sundance or Rocky’s Millwood Deli. Continue reading “Sundance vs. Rocky’s: Battle of the Delis”

Briarcliff Compliments: Our Newest Facebook Friend

By Izzie Alley

photo hunger games fb

It is a great phenomenon that has been sweeping high school campuses everywhere: an anonymous Facebook page that displays submitted compliments about students publicly.  This concept sounds like a great morale booster come midterms for BHS students, but was it only compliments being exposed? Where is the line drawn between flattering and inappropriate?
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NHS Induction

By Izzie Alley

Senior Inductee  Mark Moretto Greets His Inductor, Brandon Fuhr, On StagePhoto Courtesy of Donna Moretto
Senior Inductee Mark Moretto Greets His Inductor, Brandon Fuhr, On Stage
Photo Courtesy of Donna Moretto

On Monday, November 27, crowds of enthusiastic scholarly juniors and seniors flooded the BHS auditorium dressed to impress on this monumental night. Fifty-five students were inducted, more than any before. Ten seniors, who after persevering and dedicating themselves academically, were honored to be inducted this year along with the juniors.

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Drug Crackdown in Briarcliff

By Izzie Alley

It’s safe to say that within every high school, problems with drugs and alcohol exist. Teenagers, by nature, are curious and more likely to cave into the social pressures from their peers. High school is also a time where kids are discovering themselves, and many Briarcliff High School students would say drugs are just part of their experience here. Everyone at Briarcliff seems to have an opinion. Teachers and parents in this community seem to be more worried than the students, Continue reading “Drug Crackdown in Briarcliff”