Legendary Ms. Lee Gone Soft?

By Jack Fischer

Ms. Nancy Lee Briarcliff High School Science Teacher

Biology teacher Ms. Lee has been a legend since she returned to Briarcliff, her own high school, to teach.

Then she got pregnant.

Ms. Lee’s notoriously difficult freshman Honors Biology course is known for shocking middle schoolers out of their stupor and giving them a taste of intense high school classes to come. However, with two children at home, Ms. Lee admits she hasn’t been able to maintain her signature intensity.

“I personally feel like I’ve been slacking. Hopefully people won’t read this and be like ‘What’s wrong with her?'”

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Maglietta & Satran or Linder & Wasserman?

By Jack Fischer

Maglietta & WassermanVoting for the school board will start tomorrow, May 21, bringing an end to one of the most passionate races in recent memory. Paul Wasserman and Louis “Sonny” Linder have challenged incumbents President Sal Maglietta and Jonathan Satran (who was appointed in August following Rosella Ranno’s resignation) for their seats on the board. Continue reading “Maglietta & Satran or Linder & Wasserman?”

Hyperlocal Overload?

By Jack Fischer

The Briarcliff Bulletin, one of many news sources
The Briarcliff Bulletin, one of many news sources

The last few years have seen an explosion in so called hyperlocal news coverage. For most of history, news publishing had to be on a large scale to survive. However, as the cost of entry for news outlets has plummeted thanks to the internet, news organizations, such as The Patch, are able to target tiny geographic areas. This is a paradigmatic shift in terms of how information spreads through communities,  Continue reading “Hyperlocal Overload?”

Briarcliff’s Best Cheerleader: Eileen O’Connor Weber (1918 – 2012)

By Jack Fischer

Eileen Weber, Briarcliff HS ’36 and lifelong Briarcliff resident, died on December 30 2012 at the age of 94.

During her time at BHS, she was captain of the field hockey team, forward on the basketball team, head cheerleader, and participated in student council.

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