Mask Mandate Lifted for Fully-Vaccinated Individuals

By: Jack Madden On June 15 Governor Cuomo removed all state restrictions on mask usage and businesses. Restaurants may operateat full capacity, buildings do not haveto require temperature checks, movies may have full attendance in theaters and in public spaces masks are no longer required. This all comes on the heels of 70% of the state having received one dose of the vaccine giving them … Continue reading Mask Mandate Lifted for Fully-Vaccinated Individuals

New York Mayoral Race

By: Jack Madden The race to be the next Mayor of New York City is heating up. Due to the city’s extremely Democratic nature, whomever wins the Democratic primary is likely to win the general election in November. This primary season has many candidates with the major ones being Eric Adams the Brooklyn Borough President, Shaun Donovan former Housing Secretary, Kathryn Garcia NYC Sanitation Head, … Continue reading New York Mayoral Race

A Vaccine Update

By: Jack Madden The one question that every American is asking these days is “when can I get the vaccine?” Well, it depends on age, residency, occupation, and health conditions. As of the time of writing, most Americans can get the two shots of vaccine if he/she is a medical professional, front-line worker (teacher, etc.), have pre-existing health conditions or over the age of 65. … Continue reading A Vaccine Update

The NY Mayoral Race

By: Jack Madden The New York Mayoral Race of 2021 is heating up with more than two dozen candidates running. However, only five or so have a real shot at replacing Mayor de Blasio. These five candidates are Andrew Yang, Maya Wiley(former de Blasio official), Scott Stringer (city treasurer), Eric Adams ( Brooklyn borough president),Raymond McGuire (Citigroup bank executive), Kathryn Garcia (city sanitation chief). Andrew … Continue reading The NY Mayoral Race

A Change to the New York State Legislature

By: Jack Madden In November 2020, New York State Democrats gained 3 seats in the Senate and kept all their seats in the Assembly. That crucial three seat gain allowed the NY State Democratic party complete control over Albany with a supermajority in both chambers of the legislature, and with a Democratic Governor in Cuomo. What’s even more important is that Democrats now have complete … Continue reading A Change to the New York State Legislature

The 46th President: Joe Biden

By: Jack Madden President Biden’s term has already involved signing numerous executive orders, reversing several decisions made by former President Trump. He has reentered the United States into the Paris Climate Agreement and the World Health Organization; he cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline and halted construction of the Mexican border wall. All of those actions listed happened on just the first day of his presidency. … Continue reading The 46th President: Joe Biden