Alumni Spotlight: Aliyah Sutton

By James Fludgate Volume 69, Issue II Aliyah Sutton surprised her fellow junior class mates when she announced she was leaving Briarcliff after her junior year to attend the University of Central Florida. She decided to keep her decision to go to college a year early between friends and family until she committed to a school. “I knew I wanted to graduate early because I … Continue reading Alumni Spotlight: Aliyah Sutton

The Risk of Vector Borne Diseases

By Tucker Poux and James Fludgate Volume 67, Issue I Vector borne diseases have been becoming more and more relevant especially as of late. With the recent outbreaks of the Zika virus, we have decided to dive a little deeper into what vector borne diseases are and why they have been more prevalent to us in the United States. To learn more about the situation, … Continue reading The Risk of Vector Borne Diseases