Let’s TACObout It

By: Trevor Lazarus and Jason Sendek Many local restaurants have suffered through the pandemic forcing numerous establishments to close down. On the bright side, a new Taco Project recently opened right in the heart of Pleasantville at 465 Bedford Road. While before one would have to take the trip all the way to Tarrytown to visit the restaurant, the new location is situated right next … Continue reading Let’s TACObout It

Bernie Bros

By: Jason Sendek and Trevor Lazarus The Brooklyn born, notorious Bernie Sanders has made shockwaves throughout the country once again. The 2021 Presidential Inauguration was highly anticipated by many, but we can all agree that Bernie officially stole the show. Both celebrities and politicians dressed for the occasion, but Senator Sanders’s look has become an internet sensation in the weeks following the event. Disregarding the … Continue reading Bernie Bros

A Plastic Ocean: Briarcliff Gets Involved in Climate Change

By Jason Sendek & Jack Sendek Volume 69, Issue I A Plastic Ocean, directed by Craig Leeson, shows the startling amount of plastic waste that has accumulated in the ocean. Single-use plastic bags break down into micro-plastics that can take thousands of years to fully decompose. This has led to a buildup of plastic in areas of the ocean. Currently, the Pacific Garbage Patch contains … Continue reading A Plastic Ocean: Briarcliff Gets Involved in Climate Change