Editor in Chief Sign Off: Jolie

By: Jolie Wasserman Since starting as a staff writer in 9th grade, the Bulletin stood as a welcoming environment that I knew I wanted to be part of for the long haul. I’m more of a STEM-oriented student, so writing is not necessarily my “thing” but writing for the Bulletin allowed me to write about what I was genuinely interested in and passionate about. Not … Continue reading Editor in Chief Sign Off: Jolie

A Hard Farewell to Beloved Principal French

By: Jolie Wasserman As longtime language colleague and global travel partner, Mrs. Manchisi, put it, “Mrs. French has always been an outstanding colleague, mentor and leader. She has had a tremendous impact on students, faculty and the Briarcliff community.  She will be sorely missed but warmly remembered.” Mrs. French cherishes her time as a Spanish teacher at BHS with Mrs. Manchisi. Their trips abroad with … Continue reading A Hard Farewell to Beloved Principal French

The Perfect Prom!

By: Jolie Wasserman After months of uncertainty, Briarcliff’s 2021 prom did not just happen, but exceeded expectations. As all students and faculty attending were required to show proof of either full vaccination, negative Covid-19 test, or Covid-19 recovery, masks did not have to be worn at the outdoor location of the Sleepy Hollow Country Club. The night was filled with visible smiles, sweaty mosh pits, … Continue reading The Perfect Prom!

Mrs. Romano Retirement Tribute

By: Erin Shine and Jolie Wasserman After 18 years of devotion to the Briarcliff Manor School District, Mrs. Lori Romano has decided to retire. Many of us have a new perspective after one year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mrs. Romano’s takeaway was the importance of spending time with her family and friends. After this school year ends, Mrs. Romano has quite a full itinerary; home … Continue reading Mrs. Romano Retirement Tribute

Mr. Hamlin Retirement Tribute

By: Jolie Wasserman After 20 years of service to the Briarcliff community, Mr. Hamlin will retire, a decision that was determined even before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Mr. Hamlin will trade in teaching and coaching for life in South Carolina: fishing, traveling, and visiting family. Mr. Hamlin does intend on continuing to teach, in a part-time manner, however. When asked about his favorite memory of … Continue reading Mr. Hamlin Retirement Tribute

Retirement Spotlights: Mrs. Marcel

By: Jolie Wasserman Mrs. Nina Marcel will be retiring from her work at Briarcliff High school after over 22 years of service to the school district. Like many of us, the Covid-19 pandemic has played an influential role in our ever-changing perspectives of what we find truly important. As Mrs. Marcel put it, “Being quarantined for so long and not having the opportunity to see … Continue reading Retirement Spotlights: Mrs. Marcel

Varsity Strong

By: Jolie Wasserman With all of the changes that our students had to endure as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, at least there will be some semblance of the normalcy with the continuation of sports. Sophomore Cat Carrafiello represented Briarcliff High School by securing her position as Lohud’s Player of the Week from her performance during the week of February 15. At the time … Continue reading Varsity Strong

A Word from the Board

By: Jolie Wasserman and Justin Boder This school year has presented unexpected challenges. Challenges that certainly weren’t on the mind of the Briarcliff School District five years ago, when the one-to-one device initiative was implemented. Michael Haberman, President of the Briarcliff UFSD school board, attributes Briarcliff’s success to the board’s constant goal of staying current and even ahead of the technology learning curve. “We have … Continue reading A Word from the Board

The Class of 2021 will be Joined by a Few More

By Jolie WassermanVolume 71, Issue II Even though the Briarcliff School District has worked endlessly to ensure the safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff, Covid-19 has taken a toll on many of us. Notably, many of our beloved high school teachers and administrators have decided to retire; 2021 will be the last year of service to the Briarcliff community for Mrs. French, Mr. … Continue reading The Class of 2021 will be Joined by a Few More