Space Jam 2

By: Lyle Alenstein On November 10th, 1996, the original Space Jam was released starring one of the greatest athletes of all time: basketball player Michael Jordan. Just in case you didn’t know, his “Royal Airness” is a 6-time NBA champion, 6-time finals MVP, 5-time NBA MVP and a 14-time All-Star. The Warner Bros production featured many other famous basketball players in the film such as … Continue reading Space Jam 2

The Weeknd’s Sunday Performance

By: Lyle Alenstein and Talia Fante Super Bowl halftime performer The Weeknd decided to undergo a facial transformation to get reactions from his fans and convey a message. This message started months ago, actually, when the music video for the song “Save Your Tears,”  showed him with the bloody bandages on his face. The mummy-style bandages seemingly told a story of what the face of … Continue reading The Weeknd’s Sunday Performance

Being Lonely in Your Classes

By: Lyle Alenstein and Talia Fante Due to the Coronavirus, a handful of students started the school year by deciding to be an all-virtual learner, while the majority opted for the hybrid learning approach. The first two months of school began with no positive cases: but that all changed on Friday, November 13th (coincidence, I think not), when the high school had its first positive … Continue reading Being Lonely in Your Classes