The Pumpkin Spice Latte is Back… And Better Than Ever?

By Sarah Albert It’s the drink we all know and love, the drink that symbolizes the essence of autumn itself, the drink we just can’t live without: Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL). The “PSL” was released this year on September 8th, however special members were able to access it on September 4th. The release of the PSL this year was even more significant, as if … Continue reading The Pumpkin Spice Latte is Back… And Better Than Ever?

May I Ask, Who is this Shirley?

By Maddy Albert

Do you have a burning question that is just too difficult to ask in person? Well never fear, Shirley is here. Ask Shirley is a classic school newspaper advice column, first created for this exact reason: to assist those inquiring minds that may shy away from asking their burning questions to someone they know. Ask Shirley first began a few years ago with an Ask Shirley question box kept in the Maresca to be answered in the monthly Bulletin issues. This year, Ask Shirley was brought online to, in the words of Bulletin editor Molly Charney, “keep it flowing and hopefully more popular.” This hope was brought to fruition as the Shirley column was revitalized as an account. Shirley still remains anonymous as do the inquirers and questions are answered both publicly and in confidence, as well as in a witty and entertaining fashion. Continue reading “May I Ask, Who is this Shirley?”

Horror of The Rwandan Genocide: Assembly with Gilbert Sezirahiga

By Maddy Albert

Photo Courtesy of Pleasantville-Briarcliff Manor Patch
Photo Courtesy of Pleasantville-Briarcliff Manor Patch

The terror of the mass genocide in Rwanda cannot be put into words, but hearing the horror of the events firsthand from speaker Gilbert Sezirahiga, put the concept of a genocide in Rwanda into reality for the audience at BHS. Continue reading “Horror of The Rwandan Genocide: Assembly with Gilbert Sezirahiga”

Security at School: It’s Not Just the Guards

By Maddy Albert

High School Security Booth
HS Lobby Security Booth
Photo by Jack Fischer

The tragedy at Sandy Hook left everyone numb. After the immediate shock, the Briarcliff Manor Board of Education recognized the need to address security in our schools. Of course, Superintendent Neal Miller realizes that the safety of the students is the first priority, so some precautions have been taken  Continue reading “Security at School: It’s Not Just the Guards”

Hurricane Sandy: We Have it Easy

By Maddy Albert

Hurricane Sandy, which hit on October 29, impacted all on the east coast but some more than others. In Briarcliff, this storm affected us more than past hurricanes. School was canceled for a full week, and two-thirds of the town was powerless for much of that time. Although Briarcliff may have felt the burden of a lack of electricity and loss of trees, it should be acknowledged how relatively unscathed the town emerged from the storm, especially when compared to surrounding areas that were so harshly impacted.  Continue reading “Hurricane Sandy: We Have it Easy”

New K-2 Playground Opens at Todd

By Jasmine Bar & Maddy Albert

The kids could not contain their excitement because of the shiny, new blue and orange playground that mocked them behind the flimsy but restraining ribbon holding them back. It would be theirs as soon as the frustrating ribbon was cut. All of a sudden, a wave of excitement rippled through the crowd as a teacher moved toward the ribbon. The kids counted, “1, 2,3…” and the playground was released.

The New Todd K-2 Playground
Photo by Maddy Albert

At Todd Elementary School in Briarcliff Manor on Monday, September 24, 2012, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held to inaugurate the new playground. The playground was mainly designed for the kindergarten through second graders to play on during their school recess time.

Continue reading “New K-2 Playground Opens at Todd”