Senioritis: The Plague

By Miranda Bramson

Senior Suzannah Bergstein plays on her phone while watching the llama duck song.
Senior Suzannah Bergstein plays on her phone while watching the llama duck song.

The disease has spread. There are rumors of quarantine mixed with the shouts of teachers throughout the halls. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors beware. Senioritis has hit BHS and no one is safe. With the onset of second semester, there has been a noticeable difference in the behavior of almost every senior. You may see a larger number of them hanging out in the library or just hear the muffled uproar coming from an English 12 room. Continue reading “Senioritis: The Plague”

Beezing: Come Join the Hive

By Izzie Alley

Senior Megan O'Donnell demonstrates her beezing technique
Senior Megan O’Donnell demonstrates her beezing technique

Burt’s Bees isn’t just used to relieve chapped lips in the winter. The term “beezing” was coined when people started to apply Burt’s Bees chapstick to their eyelids. The result is a tingling sensation that feels like no other. The minty ingredients have an effect on the eyes that is relaxing and calming. Others report beezing to help them concentrate and give them a little sense of euphoria. For an extra intense experience some place cold objects, like hands or ice, on afterwards for a real shock. Continue reading “Beezing: Come Join the Hive”

Caffeine in the Caf?

By Miranda Bramson

coffee in caf

As many sleep deprived high school students may already know, the coffee in the BHS cafeteria is believed to contain far more caffeine than most people are accustomed to. There have been multiple reports of students acting hyper and jittery after drinking the school coffee. Although it is not known why this particular brand of coffee has such an effect on teenagers, it cannot be denied that there is definitely something different about this drink. Continue reading “Caffeine in the Caf?”

My Lanyard is Better Than Yours

By Miranda Bramson

At Briarcliff, bragging about your car can be cool and extremely easy with the help of a lanyard.

This rising trend allows students to show off their driving status and thus their upperclassman rank and freedom with a simple, long cord designed to go around the neck. However, you won’t find many people walking around with a jangling necklace full of keys. The art of the lanyard is much more subtle. With just a peek of the classic blue and orange Briarcliff lanyard inside a school bag or a favorite sports team lanyard falling out of a pocket, everyone walking by knows that you are old enough to drive and have autonomy that is still unknown to the majority of underclassman.

Continue reading “My Lanyard is Better Than Yours”

Snap Chop – Already Dead?

By Miranda Bramson

Snap ChopThe phenomenon of 2012, Snap Chop, allows users to take a picture of themselves, known as a selfie, or any other picture, and within a few seconds, a funny caption would pop up to compliment the photo. This app was constantly used, and the iconic white printed captions could be found on camera rolls and Facebook albums everywhere. However, like many fads before it, the use of Snap Chop has gone down dramatically. There are less and less of these captioned photos as other apps like Instagram and Snapchat take over. What once used to be a common go-to photo app is now neglected and even unknown. Continue reading “Snap Chop – Already Dead?”

Casey’s Pastries

By Miranda Bramson

Photos Courtesy of Casey Tilles

Casey Tilles, a junior at BHS, is on track to success and fame with the start of her new bakery, Casey’s Pastries. It all began for her in art class freshmen year when she was joking around with her friends about her baking skills. She baked a cake for her final project in the class, and everyone was greatly impressed. She took all their praise seriously and gave in to their demands that she start her own bakery to show off her skills. Continue reading “Casey’s Pastries”